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We’re Not Legalizing Narcotics

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All over the country there is great debate on whether or not legalizing marijuana is really a good idea. In the past few years we have seen more progress than we have in the last forty-plus years since the prohibition of cannabis was put into effect.

Why is it that after all the progress, all the positive changes we’ve seen states that have chosen to legalize, that some people still cannot accept that things need to change?

Marijuana as a “Drug” is an Old Fashion View

Honestly, one of the biggest roadblocks comes from people in the 65 and older generation. They were fed lies about marijuana in the 60s and 70s and many of them were quickly turned against what is truly an amazing plant.

One of the best examples of someone who was part of this generation who still claims the negative effects of marijuana are detrimental to the general public would be Bill O’Reilly.

O’Reilly is found saying over and over on his show The O’Reilly Factor that we’re “legalizing narcotics”.

In 2014 he claimed:

“Drug use and sales have devastated poor neighborhoods in this country,” O’Reilly added. ”Drug use is a public menace. It helps no one. Same thing with alcoholism. Same thing with smiling tobacco. But you don’t add to those problems by legalizing pot. That’s stupid.”

After seeing this just as Colorado and Washington were in the process of legalization for the first time and hearing on his show only weeks ago that he still calls cannabis a “narcotic” it doesn’t seem his opinion has wavered.

While there are much stronger, more dangerous drugs (such as heroin, crack-cocaine and methamphetamine) out there causing problems in society, weed surly is not the problem opening that door.

Furthermore, legalization of marijuana will not make the other substances any easier or more difficult to get a hold of – and let’s face it, for those who are looking for it, it’s not a problem to find at all.

Oh and one more thing Mr. O’Reilly is uninformed about – Cannabis is NON-NARCOTIC. No one can claim that we’re legalizing narcotics in this case as marijuana has absolutely no known narcotic properties.

Unlike prescription pain killers that have become a serious drug problem all over our country, which does have narcotic properties, marijuana has no addictive properties. Someone can have an “addictive personality” which can make them psychologically think they need weed – however the plant and THC alone do not have any addictive potential.

There are More Productive (and Successful) “Stoners” Than You Realize

Slander campaigns that started ruining the reputation of cannabis are the main reason that we have stereotypes like we do for those who smoke weed. You think of a stoner and you’re thinking of the guy with dreadlocks, a joint in his mouth, chilling on his couch and just sort of floating directionless through life.

While this is true of some, you need to realize that the pot smoking community is much larger than anyone probably realizes. There are hundreds of highly successful, intelligent and productive people, who just happen to enjoy lighting up a gar after a long day at work rather than drinking a beer.

Considering marijuana is actually much safer than alcohol, is this really such a bad thing?

When these type of marijuana smokers were interviewed about whether or not cannabis affects their motivation and productivity everyone had a slightly different view.

Some say that they only smoke at the end of the day, after all their work is done. Others wake up to a little smoke and continue to toke throughout the day. Each person has their own routine and they know what works for them – they found a way to smoke and stay a productive and highly successful, functioning citizen.

That’s not to say that smoking marijuana is the right decision for everyone. Just like with alcohol there are some people who just shouldn’t smoke. However, just like with alcohol, it is up to this person to figure out their own limits.

So before you judge over a third of our nation you should look at a few facts – not all stoners follow the old fashion stereotypical lifestyle.

It’s here to Stay – So Get Used to It

Really, what it comes down to is simple: Marijuana is here to stay, so get used to it already!

Those who complain that we’re legalizing “drugs” or “narcotics” are misinformed. They were given false information over generations of a “War on Drugs” that has done nothing but waste our country’s time and money.

If we spent half the money that we spend on jailing, courts and authorities (police, FBI, etc.) to go after cannabis users and sellers on something like education and addiction treatment for those who are addicted to hard drugs our country would be much better off!

The science is there, the truth is out – marijuana isn’t hurting anyone! At least not anyone except the families of those who are incarcerated under anti-marijuana laws that are truly making little difference at this point.