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What Are the Best Cannabis Strains for Improving Focus?


As we learn more about the intricacies of the cannabis plant, we discover that many factors contribute to the effects certain strains have on the mind and body. Typically, cannabis sativa gives users more of a “head high” than a “body high”. Often, individuals who consume sativa strains report feeling as though their mind is stimulated and they feel relaxed, but without any heavy feelings of sleepiness or couchlock. As such, many turn to sativa strains for help improving their focus. Here are three popular choices for sharpening concentration skills. 

Lamb’s Bread

Lamb’s Bread, sometimes referred to as “Lamb’s Breath”, is a popular and potent sativa strain. The exact origins and genetics are unknown, but Lamb’s Bread has origins in Jamaica and is reportedly one of Bob Marley’s preferred strains. The THC content is around 18% and the CBD level is around 1%. One of the dominant terpenes in Lamb’s Bread is caryophyllene, which is part of the reason it has such a strong, tangy, cheesy aroma with undertones of earthy grass. The strain’s flavor is an earthy spice with hints of sage. Lamb’s Bread users say the strain makes them feel energetic, creative, and uplifted – making it a great choice to sharpen focus or stay on task for a project. 


Tangilope is a delicious blend of two sativas from DNA Genetics – Tangie and Chocolope. The CBD content is almost nonexistent, and the amount of THC is 14-20%. Many users turn to Tangilope to help deal with their stress as the strain’s effects are mostly cerebral and often cause feelings of euphoric energy. The flavor is unique and exactly what you would expect given the name Tangilope. It is a blend of citrus and chocolate with just a hint of spice. The aroma is similar and is reminiscent of tropical citrus with earthy undertones. 

Electric Lemon G

Electric Lemon G is a sativa-dominant hybrid from T.H. Seeds. While its specific genetics are unclear, many believe it was created through a combination of G-13, Lemon G, and Northern Lights #5. THC levels are 18-21%, making it a potent daytime strain that leaves users feeling energized and focused. Many users also report feeling a little giggly when using Electric Lemon G. The smell and flavor are a pungent citrusy blend of lemon and lime with a little bit of zesty grass and earth. 

Disclaimer: This article is intended for general information and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice.