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What Are The Effects Of CBD Distillate?

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CBD or Cannabidiol is a really potent non-psychoactive compound derived from cannabis which is second only to THC. Due to this property, CBD won’t give you what’s called a “high”.

People have finally started realizing the medicinal benefits of cannabis. With technology, we now have all the means to derive CBD in its purest form.

CBD distillate is as pure as CBD can possibly get and therefore its effects are far more superior than the rest. 

CBD Distillate – A Quick Overview 

CBD oil gets heated and cooled over and over again. This cyclic process of distillation leaves behind all the impurities and yields us CBD distillate.

Hemp is the preferred crop since it usually has a really low level of THC present in it. CBD distillates have a CBD concentration of over 90%. 

These levels are multiple folds higher than what we can usually get from the markets. CBD distillate is a great choice for the people who need an accurate dosage of CBD.

Owing to its purity, users don’t have to use a really high dosage to feel the effects. 

The Entourage Effect 

People prefer using full-spectrum CBD oils and CBD distillates for a reason that no other CBD substance can provide.

‘The Entourage effect’ that CBD distillate offers is what this compound is most known for. The effects of CBD multiplies when all the compounds get combined into one.

Even with very low THC levels, this concoction has a really high potency. The presence of all these compounds gives the oil a unique earthy taste that has a love-hate relationship with the users. 

Medicinal Benefits

CBD has a really unique pain treatment property which makes it the best cure for neuropathic pain. The presence of a really low amount of THC could actually boost the pain-relieving power of CBD

Apart from this, CBD can increase the secretion of serotonin which can give you instant relief from anxiety and stress. This is exactly why it’s used in the treatment of depression and panic attacks 

Most people have also been using the compound to cure insomnia although there’s no scientific proof to back it up. 

The compound could have a sedative effect if you’re consuming it in higher dosages. But with a lower dosage, CBD distillates can increase your attention span. They can help you stay alert and a lot more focused.

The Purest Form Of CBD

During the process of distillation, the entire cannabinoid content inside the plant matter gets segregated.

Once the CBD content gets separated in the initial stages, we can start filtering out the impurities by a process called winterization.

Before getting the compound exposed to heat, CBD exists in an acidic state which will later get activated when the compound’s heated.

Each substance that’s present in this compound has separate boiling points which makes it easy for us to distill CBD. The final product is CBD-rich and also has a very negligible amount of impurity present in it.

What’s So Special About Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?

The entire plant matter gets utilized while extracting full-spectrum CBD oil. Therefore, you can be sure that you’re receiving every possible nutrient from the hemp plant.

This includes naturally-occurring terpenes, fatty acids, and vitamins. Full-spectrum CBD oil allows you to get the best out of the plant without stripping them of their nutrition value.

This is exactly why these oils have a lot of medicinal benefits when compared to any other products with CBD in it.

Common Misconception

Most customers don’t realize that CBD is just another molecule that cannabis plants have. There are people who still believe full-spectrum CBD oils are nothing but the liquid form of CBD.

But what they don’t understand is, CBD has no liquid form. CBD oil is a mixture that’s mostly made of an oil base with a rich amount of CBD molecules present in it. When the compound undergoes distillation, the levels of CBD in the oil rises.

Unlike what most people think, CBD distillates are not 100% CBD. The CBD levels in these oils are usually more than 80% and the rest of it comes from terpenes.


If you really want to track your CBD intake, consuming CBD distillates is the best way to do it. This process of extraction is also extremely safe, unlike other methods that could later turn out to be hazardous.

Also, by buying full-spectrum products, you can be sure that you’re getting the entire goodness that hemp plants have to offer. 

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.