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Why Concerts and Live Events are the Perfect Marketing Opportunity for Cannabis Brands

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Since cannabis companies face struggles with advertising online and on social media, in-person activations remain a valuable option for brands to connect with costumes face to face. Live music, concerts, and in-person events are a perfect mesh of cannabis users’ interests, since cannabis has a history that’s very intertwined with music. 

According to CannaTrac’s recent user survey, live music is the number one secondary interest of cannabis users, making live music events a great opportunity for brand marketing and engaging with a brand’s target audience.

Live Music Events Drive Brand Awareness and Sales

CannaCard’s user survey found that live event marketing is a viable option for driving brand awareness and sales, and potentially an even better one than social media. CannaTrac used the survey to help narrow the focus on what demographics companies need to market/advertise to. This data can be used for brands to partner with local venues or activations that matter to consumers. For example, live music is of interest to cannabis users, which shows us that brands and dispensaries can partner with live music venues in order to reach them. CannaTrac’s surveys found that live music ranked as the highest scoring category with 87% of people interested in this as a top interest.

Just Look to Grasslands, at Outside Lands Music Festival

The Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco is a great example of live music merging with cannabis, with their Grasslands cannabis segment of the event. This event shows that brands can have major success with marketing to cannabis users at a music festival, and it’s on for an in-person event this year in 2022!

CannaCard Fills the Digital Marketing Void

Cannabis brands will benefit by finding and reaching consumers where they are as they go about their daily life. CannaTrac has taken the unique approach of creating the CannaCard, hailed as the “Starbucks app of the cannabis world,” which helps to fill the digital marketing void by offering consumers a way to connect with brands through a proprietary app and preloaded payment card. 

When users are traveling or local to their stores, they will receive push notifications and deals from brands, along with loyalty rewards from their dispensaries. Even better, cannabis customers can use the CannaCard outside their dispensaries, for a seamless payment solution that provides value across their lives. 

CannaTrac is looking to continue their users surveys to further hone in on cannabis users’ interests, hobbies, needs, and wants. In the future, they’ll be looking into music partnerships and sponsorship opportunities with venues to help activate cannabis users in the spaces that they are in during their entertainment time.