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Why Pre-Rolled Joints Are Worth Your Attention

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There are many different ways to consume (or apply) cannabis, and since the market has been growing so rapidly, there are also new ways appearing. However, the most classic way of smoking pot in rolled joints (or marijuana cigarettes) remains one of the most popular ones. And that’s why pre-rolled joints have appeared – to make things easier for beginners and those who don’t like or don’t have time for rolling. If you happen to live in the area where the recreational use of marijuana is legal, you won’t have any problems finding something for you to try. A lot of more experienced users may avoid pre-rolled joints because of their reputation for being of poor quality, but there are multiple reasons why they certainly are worth your attention:

They are a better bargain

Not only is the cost of pre-rolled joints lower in general, they very often come in great deals. You can get them with other purchases over a certain amount, buy them in packages with a discount or find them with other deals. It’s also possible to combine different things in one deal, for example, try some stuff that you’re not sure you will like. It would be much more expensive to buy larger amounts or even individual grams of each strain. Also, a lot of stores and dispensaries use pre-rolled joints as promotional items so you may get them for free or with a large discount.

They are quick and easy

Do you feel like smoking? No problem. You come to the shop, you buy a pre-rolled joint and seconds after that, you’re smoking. It’s as simple as that. They are perfect for first-time users, as there’s nothing more for you to do besides smoking them. While using joints is the easiest way to consume cannabis, rolling can get pretty complicated, and without any experience, you can never be sure you’ve done it right. 

Pre-rolled joints are ready and easy to use, portable (just buy a pack – most providers make them metal so there’s no risk that you crush your joints – put it in your bag and you can smoke wherever and whenever you want – as long as it’s allowed – and you don’t need to worry about rolling your own joints which can be problematic in certain places) and they don’t require any equipment (like a bong or a vape pen) so you can be spontaneous about smoking. 

What’s more, you can feel the effects almost immediately, as opposed to edibles (they are very often recommended for beginners but can lead to over-consumption as the effects are delayed). Plus, if you’re in a hurry, or you only have a short break, you can save a lot of time by simply smoking without the need to roll.

They are versatile

A joint is not simply a joint – there are many different variations for you to choose from. Plus, you get the chance to try various things without being obliged to commit to a larger amount. There’s no risk that you will lose or contaminate something while rolling it by yourself, especially in the case of not-so-easy-to-manage (e.g. sticky) ingredients. For example, rolling moon rocks (cannabis flower rolled in kief and soaked in hash oil) can get pretty messy, not to mention how complicated it can be for the first-time user.

They can be of really good quality

Pre-rolled joints have a reputation for being of poor quality, and it used to be the case in the past as many producers used leftover, low-quality flower for them. However, it’s quickly changing, mostly because of the ever-growing popularity of joints. More and more often you can find pre-rolls with premium cannabis. It’s possible to find pre-rolls of top-shelf strains to try them out before you decide to buy a larger amount. 

They are consistent

When you’re buying pre-rolled joints, you can always expect similar amounts of marijuana and after a couple of times, you are able to determine how much you need to achieve the desired effect. It’s harder to keep consistency if you’re using a bowl or you’re rolling the joints yourself, plus, you constantly need to clean your screens. When you know how much you need, you will not only get the results, but you will also know how much you have to buy. 

Trying has never been easier

Pre-rolled joints are the perfect choice for anyone just starting their cannabis journey, who want to try something new, who don’t have too much time or who are simply heading somewhere and don’t want to worry about rolling. Pre-rolled joints are very often called the fast-food of the cannabis market, and just like in the case of fast-food, they have their pros and cons. But they are definitely something to consider, especially since more and more producers roll their premium products for you to try it out. 

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.