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Willie Nelson’s Willie’s Reserve Now Available in Arizona Dispensaries

Hana Meds

Willie Nelson, an award-winning musician and activist has partnered with Hana Meds to bring his legendary stash of cannabis pre-rolls, Willie’s Reserve, to Arizona. Willie Nelson has been a true supporter of the cannabis industry, speaking up about the benefits through responsible and regulated cultivation and sale. 

The three products from Willie’s Reserve that are now available in the Arizona market are sativa-dominant Golden Goat, hybrid Headband, and indica-dominant Bubba Kush. The three strains come in “High Five Packs” and will contain five whole-flower, no-trim, half-gram pre-rolls in a collectible branded tin. 

In order to bring the brand to another state due to federal regulations, Willie’s Reserve sought one of the best vertically integrated cannabis companies, Hana Meds, to partner with. Hana Meds brought the first pre-roll brand to the legalized Arizona cannabis market, Dutchie. Dutchie is known for its classic vibe but plethora of unique, potent, and consistent strains. 

“Our growers are committed to creating supreme flower. We currently have over 15 strains that we cultivate and package for our sativa, indica, and hybrid pre-rolls. Some of the more rare and sought-after strains that we are producing are Gorilla Wreck, Night Nurse, Oracle, and San Dimas OG. I would say Juanita La LaGrimosa, our high CBD strain, is one I have not seen in our marketplace,” said Alison Miller, Director of Sales & Marketing at Hana Meds.

Hana Meds was the ideal partner to launch this celebrity brand into Arizona dispensaries. Through the years Hana Meds has been known for its conscious cultivation practices and use of 100% flower (no shake) in the small-batch production of its pre-rolls. 

“When the opportunity to partner with one of the pioneers in the cannabis industry arose, the Hana Meds team knew we had to make it happen. During a viral time of change in our state’s cannabis industry, we wanted to be able to share something special with those that have been on this journey with us. The Willie’s Reserve® brand aligns with our mission and ways of producing high quality products, so it is a partnership that we see continuing,” said Matt Pinchera, CEO of Hana Meds. 

The limited number of packs are now available at Giving Tree Dispensary in Phoenix,  Medmen Scottsdale, and Hana Meds Dispensary in both Kingman and Green Valley, Arizona. Adult-use legalized sales began in Arizona in January, so non-medical license users will now have the opportunity to purchase at Giving Tree Dispensary and Medmen Scottsdale. Previous to this partnership, Willie’s Reserve could be purchased in California and Nevada. You can see the full list of Willie Nelson’s product lines on the Willie’s Reserve website.