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Despite Pandemic, California Cannabis Operator Doubled Down on Care and Compassion to Achieve Record Growth

Perfect Union

While last year provided numerous and unprecedented hardships to cannabis retailers across the nation, Perfect Union achieved record growth by doubling down on caring for the customers, staff and communities they serve. 

Known for quality products, unparalleled service, ongoing staff education, and strong roots in the community, Perfect Union is the fastest-growing vertically-integrated cannabis retail operation in California with eight dispensaries, two cultivations and one distribution license.

In 2020, the company opened five new California retail storefronts in Seaside, Riverbank, Morro Bay, Turlock and Weed. Perfect Union also expanded its expertise by hiring cannabis pioneers to serve as Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Legal Affairs. 

“Last year marked rapid operational expansion and investor interest, which reflected our ability to implement a winning strategy of consistent net positive revenue, even from under-performing acquisitions,” said Perfect Union CEO David Spradlin. “Combined with our culture of excellence, loyal customers, passionate staff and accomplished advisors, Perfect Union is well-positioned to become California’s largest cannabis retailer.”

Much of Perfect Union’s continued success is rooted in their community-based model that was forged during the early 2000s in medical cannabis operations and patient advocacy. The company offers an award-winning compassion program, which provides free cannabis to patients with serious medical conditions. Perfect Union also has a strong record of building local partnerships that beautify the neighborhood and support the cancer community, veterans, the unhoused, domestic violence victims, LGBTQ+, animals and the environment.

“Perfect Union’s ability to affect positive change with public officials and community leaders is second to none in the cannabis industry,” said Ryan Miller, founder of Operation EVAC (Educating Veterans About Cannabis). “Where others give lip service, Perfect Union walks the walk to create lasting partnerships and monetary investments – even dedicated staff volunteer days – to deliver tangible benefits in the communities they serve.”

Perfect Union further was one of the first cannabis operators to install designated hand sanitizing stations inside dispensaries and controlled entry to allow for adequate social distancing. The company also led the industry in providing hazard bonus pay for employees during COVID-19 and in calling for vaccine prioritization of essential cannabis workers.

And 2021 has Perfect Union on trajectory to become the preeminent cannabis retailer in California, the largest regulated cannabis market in the world. The company recently announced their ninth acquisition to operate a licensed medical cannabis retail facility in the City of Napa with more product development and retail expansion on the near horizon.

“We’re proud to join the Napa community and deliver a world-class medical cannabis operation that prioritizes quality in everything we do while giving back to those we serve,” remarked Spradlin. “Perfect Union believes that informed guests are better able to maximize the plant’s benefits, so our highly trained staff are eager to provide Napa a level of one-on-one service they can trust and rely on.”

The new 1,000 square foot retail location will bring over a dozen jobs to the community, with above living wages and benefits for employees, as well as the support and protection afforded to United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) workers. Perfect Union was one of the first dispensaries in the nation to partner with UCFW to ensure a living wage and health benefits to their hourly employees.

“Perfect Union continues to demonstrate national leadership in caring for their employees,” said Jacques Loveall, President of UFCW 8-Golden State and an International Union Vice President. “They were instrumental in helping UFCW create cannabis career pathways and worker safety standards that can serve as a replicable model for the industry. We look forward to our continued partnership and supporting their Napa workers with living wages and benefits.”Learn more at Perfect-Union.com (@PerfectUnionStores).

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David Spradlin is the CEO of Perfect Union, the fastest-growing vertically-integrated cannabis retail operation in California. David is a cannabis business development and operations management expert with vast experience in retail and consumer organizations. His passion for the plant was forged in medical cannabis operations and patient advocacy in the early 2000s. David continued on to build and direct Magnolia Wellness in 2009 and has spearheaded Perfect Union since 2010. David’s impressive track record of creating profitable, compliant and successful cannabis business structures has created jobs for hundreds of people. He has instilled a strong culture throughout the company rooted in excellence, ongoing staff training, consumer education and making a real impact in the communities they serve. And his ability to transform vision into reality has built a well-respected business model, award-winning patient service programs and influenced many of the state’s landmark cannabis laws, policies and procedures.