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World’s First Cannabis Wedding Expo was Held in Denver Last Weekend

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Back in September, I wrote a story about an Oregon couple who decided to have budtenders instead of bartenders at their wedding. It seems this is a growing trend these days  – and not surprisingly, Colorado already has a directory of businesses to help you have the best cannabis themed wedding imaginable.

I hadn’t thought about it for a while, but then I found out that Colorado had been home to the world’s First Cannabis Wedding Expo. The expo was hosted by Love and MariJ, the best online directory for cannabis themed weddings in Colorado.

If you’ve never been to an expo before, it’s an event where vendors (in this case, companies that can make a kick-ass cannabis themed wedding) get to show off everything they have to offer.

At the Cannabis Wedding Expo there was at least 20 different vendors, ranging from cannabis infused edible companies, event planners (including ones who work specifically with cannabis themed events), and rental companies for things like fine china and flatware as well as couches, tables, and other furnishings to complete your event.

This was an opportunity for people who would like to get into this sort of business to really see how it works and get a feel for the industry. Cannabis weddings are a trend right now – but one day it will be as common as having an open bar at your wedding is today. For now, it will remain a hot topic as the idea grows from state to state and more and more people show how cannabis can be as classy as booze and champagne.

It was also an opportunity for couples who wish to have a cannabis themed wedding to meet many of the vendors that will be available to them when the big day finally arrives. There is a company for any style of cannabis themed wedding, whether very elegant and classy or a little more hippy rock and roll or somewhere in between – there’s something for every stoner couple.

Along with showing couples what their options are when it comes to edibles, budtenders, venues, and more, they are also there to help you plan for your guests. They ensure that you consider things like making sure that you invite age appropriate guests – or have arrangements to make it safe and still fun for those who aren’t old enough or aren’t comfortable with marijuana.

If you’ve ever considered a marijuana themed wedding, then this would have been a great event to attend. I’m hoping to hear that this will not be a one-time event – between all the education provided for both couples and business minded individuals and the smoking lounge (which was all bring-your-own-cannabis) it was probably an awesome afternoon.

Personally, if I got the chance, I would absolutely want to have a cannabis themed wedding one day. What do you think about a budtender over a bartender? I think it’s safe to say cannabis weddings are a trend that’s here to stay.