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Yellow Dream Farm Announces Successful GoodGood Cannabis Brand Preview at Hall of Flowers

Leading Sustainably-Grown Cannabis Cultivator Celebrates Major Growth in 2021, Expands Retail Footprint in 2022

Yellow Dream Farm

Yellow Dream Farm, a family-owned California company of robust cannabis brands that provides premium craft products and sustainably-grown wholesale flower at scale, announced today that the Company enjoyed a rapid year of growth in 2021 that included the soft launch of its first in-house lifestyle brand GoodGood at Hall of Flowers in Palm Springs, Calif. GoodGood is a suite of premium THC cannabis-branded products that captures the intersection of culture of cannabis, hailing from CEO and Founder Jeffrey Garber’s vision to bring craft, boutique grown cannabis to a larger audience at an affordable price. 

Hall of Flowers is the industry’s leading industry-only, highly curated B2B show designed to facilitate commerce between a vast network of premium licensed cannabis brands and retailers. At the show, Yellow Dream Farm was able to attract some of the best brands in California to their booth and solidified their presence as a powerhouse brand of boutique products for consumers to enjoy. Additionally, GoodGood garnered coverage in news outlets including L.A. Cannabis News, WeedWeek, and others. 

“Debuting GoodGood at Hall of Flowers was a collaborative effort made possible by the incredible amount of talent on our team,” said Jeffrey Garber, CEO and Founder of GoodGood and Yellow Dream Farm. “The overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from attendees supported our excitement around the GoodGood brand, and we are more eager than ever to share our premium suite of products with consumers throughout the Golden State.”

The cannabis industry’s generally long-held belief that premium cannabis can’t be grown affordably has been turned on its head with Yellow Dream Farm’s efficiencies and environmental and feeding automated processes, bringing craft cannabis to consumers looking for affordable options.  

In less than one year of operation, Yellow Dream Farm’s team was able to purchase the 30,000 square foot facility with 22,000 square foot of canopy, and undergo build-out and licensing, as well as a full flowering cycle for each of their seven flower rooms. The family-owned and operated company has a strong leadership team and currently employs nearly 50 people in San Bernardino County.

Garber added, “Our family is proud to do what we love and share our passion for eco-efficient, boutique, craft cannabis by providing it at scale and at an affordable price so our customers can access this high-quality flower that matches their lifestyle. We look forward to expanding our retail footprint in 2022 and bringing new strains to market under the GoodGood brand.” 

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To learn more about Yellow Dream Farm, visit www.yellowdreamfarm.com. To learn more about GoodGood, visit smokegoodgood.com.