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Yellow Dream Farm Ran 4/20 Artist Competition With 100% of Proceeds Supporting Last Prisoner Project


While the nation geared up to celebrate 4/20 this year, there remain more than 40,000 people currently incarcerated in prison for years, decades, or even for life for nonviolent cannabis offenses – all while cannabis is legal in some form in 47 US states. To help contribute to the cause of righting the wrongs of the War on Drugs, family owned cannabis cultivator Yellow Dream Farm ran a competition with local artists through their flagship brand, GoodGood. 

GoodGood Artist Challenge Benefits Last Prisoner Project; Lydia McKee Wins Competition

Yellow Dream Farm called all underground and Instagram artists to submit a design to be placed and sold on their branded GoodGood merchandise, a trucker hat. The winner got the opportunity to be featured as part of a special, limited-edition drop. 100 percent of merchandise sales proceeds are being donated to Last Prisoner Project (LPP), an organization that works to free those who committed nonviolent crimes, and their mission is to continue until the last cannabis prisoner is set free.

Yellow Dream Farm’s family owned, culture-driven lifestyle cannabis brand GoodGood Cannabis (@smokegoodgood) ran the contest and the winning artist was Lydia McKee. The runner-up artist was Amanda Baker

Boutique Cannabis Brands Taking California By Storm

Led by 28-year-old CEO Jeffrey Garber, Yellow Dream Farm aims to break through the noise created by “big cannabis” brands to elevate boutique cannabis-style products and attention to detail not often seen in mass-produced flower items.

As Garber shared in a recent company press release, “Our family is proud to do what we love and share our passion for eco-efficient, boutique, craft cannabis by providing it at scale and at an affordable price so our customers can access this high-quality flower that matches their lifestyle.”

The cannabis industry’s generally long-held belief that premium cannabis can’t be grown affordably has been turned on its head with Yellow Dream Farm’s efficiencies and environmental and feeding automated processes, bringing craft cannabis to consumers looking for affordable options.  

In less than one year of operation, Yellow Dream Farm’s team was able to purchase the 30,000 square foot facility with 22,000 square foot of canopy, and undergo build-out and licensing, as well as a full flowering cycle for each of their seven flower rooms. The family-owned and operated company has a strong leadership team and currently employs nearly 50 people in San Bernardino County.

Learn more about Yellow Dream Farm and GoodGood on their websites.