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Your Guide to Atomizers, Cartomizers and Clearomizers

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E-Cigarettes have made significant progress in recent years, becoming a popular alternative to the traditional cigarette method of smoking. There are so many parts, vape flavors, e-juice strengths, and a number of different options to take into consideration when buying an e-cigarette that it can take a comprehensive walkthrough to really get an idea of what direction to go in.

There are important differences between Atomizers, Clearomizers, and Cartomizers that you need to know so that you can make the important distinction between them and determine what the best course is for your personal needs.


The atomizer, to put it as simply as possible, uses a heating element in the e-cigarette to vaporize the liquid that goes into the e-cigarette, creating the experience of smoking without the drawbacks of actually smoking.

Where do you find an atomizer? How come I’ve never heard of it before? Well, the simple answer is that you can typically find the atomizer in a two or three-piece e-cigarette. Even then, you would rarely need the atomizer for a two-piece e-cigarette; they are much more common for three-piece e-cigarettes. Still, you typically cannot have an e-cigarette without the atomizer.

There are a number of usages for the atomizer, but one of the most popular is dripping. This is one of the vaping methods that has really caught on, especially in the last year or so. This is pretty self-explanatory: the liquid drips into the atomizer itself, bypassing the tank or cartridge entirely. There are a number of benefits and drawbacks that come with dripping that are worth considering.

The benefits: Flavor is perhaps the biggest benefit to using the dripping method. So long as the atomizer is clean, the flavor of the vape juice is far more powerful. This is because it is not left to sit in the cartridge or tank for a long period of time and it is not left to mix with the old juice. Because the liquid skips straight for the atomizer, it is burned up in that usage period and does not persist to contaminate further uses.

The drawbacks: The biggest drawback for the dripping method is that it is not convenient. It isn’t a matter of taking out the e-cigarette and starting your vaping session. You have to have time to set up the e-cigarette with the drip feature and it can take some time if you don’t plan ahead. Not only that, it can be really messy and you can get the juice everywhere. It can be quite the hassle.


Cartomizers are most prominent in three-piece e-cigarette systems, though they are definitely found in two-piece systems as well. Cartomizers are different from the atomizer in that they are essentially cotton-like fibers used to hold the juice in its place and most cartomizers tend to be in the dual coil form. This means that you get lower resistance and it typically provides more vapor. The biggest drawback to the dual coils is that they have a reputation for burning through batteries rather quickly.

One great thing about cartomizers is that you can generally get a greater amount of vaping without having to refill. Refilling cartomizers can be a huge pain since this requires using a syringe and avoiding the air hole. Not only that, if you dry burn a cartomizer, the material is generally ruined and needs to be tossed.

Because of the capacity of atomizers and the hassle that goes with refilling a cartomizer, the latter is becoming less and less popular as e-cigarette technology progresses and vaping becomes even more commonplace.

If a manufacturer can produce a cartomizer that does not leak or clog, it could still have a very prominent place in the e-cigarette market, though atomizers provide a greater amount of flavor than the cartomizers and the latter definitely has its downsides when it comes to refilling and replacing. Cartomizers are becoming a bit outdated, but with the right tweak it can have a resurgence.


Clearomizers are more commonly referred to as tanks and come in a number of different sizes, shapes, and configurations. The great thing about clearomizers is that they can hold more of the e-juice than either cartomizers and atomizers. Even better, if using a clear vape tank, you can monitor the amount of juice in the tank and reduce the risk of taking a dry hit or getting a burnt taste.

The amount of customization that is possible for clearomizers is one of the big selling points. It is highly adaptable for both advanced and new users, allowing for alterations of the resistance, the type and amount of wick that regulates the flow of the e-juice, the size of the tank, and the appearance of the e-cigarette with a number of different designs and colors.

The key things to look at when choosing a clearomizer is the size of the tank and the type of coil. There are top coil/top feeding coils, bottom coils, and multiple coils which all have their own drawbacks and perks but require much more information to cover.

What’s the verdict?

All three obviously have their own individual benefits and drawbacks but if you had to pick, make your choice between atomizers and clearomizers. This is because cartomizers are becoming more and more outdated and much more difficult to produce.

Atomizers are a great option for advanced users since there is a good bit of maintenance and tinkering that can be involved in the process. Still, the flavor of the atomizer is almost unmatched and provides a punch like no other.

The clearomizer is a favorite because of its ease of use and versatility. It’s a great option for both beginners and advanced users and the extremely high level of customization that it can provide. It also allows more advanced users to tinker and experiment with the modifications that best fit their needs.

The choice is ultimately up to the user based on what they need and want out of an e-cigarette. The goal is to stray away from traditional cigarettes and all three types of e-cigarettes will certainly help you to achieve that.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.