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Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect CBD Dosage

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What is the right CBD dosage to take? It depends on many factors, but you can learn the answers by reading this ultimate guide.

You may have heard that marijuana may be able to help with a number of health issues. But the problem for many is that it has psychoactive effects. Plus, if you have to submit to drug tests at work, you can forget about partaking.

Perhaps this is why CBD is so popular today. It’s the cousin to THC (the active part in marijuana) but has no psychoactive effects, shouldn’t show up on drug tests, and has the same health benefits.

If you’re new to using CBD and aren’t sure about the dosage, then keep reading. We’ll give you a short guide to finding the right one for you.

How to Take CBD Oil

As with marijuana, there are several ways to take CBD oil:

  • Smoking/vaping
  • Sublingual (under the tongue) drops
  • Edibles
  • Topicals

The method you choose depends on your personal preferences, how quickly you need the effects, and how long you want them to last.

An important advantage of taking CBD oil for your ailments is that unlike with some drugs, you cannot take a lethal overdose of CBD. Taking too much can lead to negative side effects, however. This CBDOilUsers article explains more about how this substance works.


In general, you’ll want to start with a small dosage and work your way up to larger ones if you don’t get the desired effects. Different products will have different concentrations, but a good rule of thumb is between 1 to 6 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds you weigh.

Smoking/Vaping Dosage

Start with just a small amount. You’ll know within 10 to 15 minutes if it’s a good dosage, as smoking/vaping is one of the quickest delivery methods.

It’ll wear off just as quickly as it starts working, so if you ever inhale too much CBD, you won’t have to suffer the side effects for too long.

Drops Dosage

Put a few drops under your tongue and hold it there for one minute, then swallow.

You should feel the effects in anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour. So if you feel like the dosage isn’t enough, wait at least an hour before increasing it.

CBD Gummies Dosage (And Other Edibles)

Edibles take the longest to work, but also have the longest effects. Because of this, you should definitely start as small as possible.

It can take 30 minutes to an hour to work, and it’ll last for a while. We don’t recommend taking another dose for at least 24 hours.

Topical Dosage

Topicals have very low concentrations, plus they wear off pretty quickly. So feel free to slather on as much as you want to take care of your headaches or joint pains.

Take It Slow

The main takeaway for CBD dosage is to take it slow and start out small. 

Take your time to figure out your perfect dosage. It may be a little difficult at first, but once you’ve figured it all out, it’ll all be worth it.

If you’re currently taking any medications, make sure you check with your doctor first to make sure there are no drug interactions.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.