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2016 Indiana U.S. Senate Candidate Lucy Brenton is an Advocate for Growing Hemp


On October 18, 2016, a debate took place for the Indiana U.S. Senate seat and Lucy Brenton broke tradition. While the media barely recognized her and the other debate members snubbed her, Lucy Brenton was not shaken. In addition to destroying the role of career politicians, Brenton used the opportunity to explain the critical role of how growing hemp could excel the country’s growth as the audience listened.

During the debate, Lucy made the following remarks:

“Let’s prioritize energy sources. Let’s end our dependence on foreign oil and let the free market do it. The way that we can do that is by allowing commercial hemp growth. Indiana has amazing soil. It will save our economy and it will save our environment.”

On Brenton’s website, she says:

“Hemp is extremely useful. From rope, paper, cloth, concrete, plastic and dozens of other useful material uses…hemp has the power to fix carbon and change our world. What else would it change? Corporate profits. Look at the products just listed and understand that industries that compete with the above are the reason you don’t have widespread use of hemp. You are being denied the better building materials, paper, clothing, biodegradable plastics and products because there are profits to protect. This is the real reason you have been denied Hemp.”

In the 1930s, co-conspirators DuPont and William Randolph Hearst devised a scheme to kill hemp and marijuana production to promote their own businesses in the logging industry. Their financial status easily swayed certain members of Congress to demonize marijuana and hemp plants. Such acts were hidden from the public, but today’s growing transparency of government is now opening the eyes of Americans.

Brenton is no career politician, but a wife and mother that lives in Fishers, Indiana, and serves as the Secretary of the Hamilton County Libertarian Party. While the Libertarian political party is fairly new, it offers an alternative that excludes special interest groups and big government. Independent parties are also growing in members. 2016 may be the turning point for how U.S. citizens view political parties, focusing more on individuals.

As other 2016 political candidates, such as Art Sherwood, Democratic candidate for North Carolina State Senate District 45, move to take a stand on common sense issues, growing hemp could be closer to reality than once thought.


  1. Thank you so much for the write up! This is such an important issue and I am grateful for your work. I do believe that we should RE-legalize marijuana across the board – medicinal, recreational and industrial. You can view the full debate replay at my website http://www.LucyForSenate.com Let’s work together to get people the medicine they need, release non-violent marijuana “offenders” from prisons and clear their records so that they can get good jobs. 🙂

  2. I will vote for you, Lucy Brenton! Keep up the good work, and we will continue to fight the good fight. There is only one reason why the government opposes hemp, and that is for corporate greed, not for the good of the economy or the people. This is the case in the fight for clean water, air, land, and our food. Thank you!