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3 Christmas Cookie Recipes You Can Infuse with Cannabis

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When Christmas rolls around, most of us are busy thinking about presents and getting the tree up, followed by what sorts of treats need to be made for gatherings with family and friends. After figuring out your dinner spread, all that’s left is making sure that dessert table is full of sweets for everyone to enjoy. If you’re not the only one in your family who appreciates a good cannabis high, then you might want to consider making at least one batch of your Christmas cookies infused with cannabis as a special homemade gift to share with your guests.

Old-Fashioned Butter Cookies

These old-fashioned butter cookies are a Christmas cookie staple for many households. They are relatively simple to make, the recipe makes roughly 4 ½ dozen cookies, and the ways you can decorate them are nearly endless. Replace half (or more) of the butter in this recipe with cannabutter and you are sure to get a buzz off a cookie or two as these are a butter-based cookie. Grab some Christmas-themed cookie cutters and you can roll out this dough and grab some red and green frosting or icing and you will have a big batch of colorful – and cannabis-infused – Christmas cookies everyone will love.

Gingersnap Cookies/Gingerbread Men

Another holiday favorite for many are gingersnap cookies – or the more classic version, gingerbread men. These are both great options, but these gingersnaps call for butter in the recipe, making it easy for you to substitute regular butter for cannabis-infused butter to create a canna-cookie that your guests are sure to enjoy. These cookies take a little more initial prep work compared to the butter cookies as the dough needs to be made ahead of time and chilled in the fridge, but the results are well worth the wait when you get this gingery and sugary sweet Christmas cookie.

M&M Christmas Cookies

Okay, so the only thing that really makes these cookies “Christmas” cookies is the addition of red and green holiday M&Ms, but they are still a classic that have become a Christmas staple in many households nonetheless. This recipe normally calls for shortening, but luckily, shortening and butter are interchangeable in most cases (though it will change flavor slightly) and these cookies can easily be made with cannabutter instead.

If you are uncertain about the amount of cannabutter that would be needed for any of the recipes, just remember that you can adjust the recipe to your own preference. You can’t use much more cannabutter (except in the butter cookie recipe), but you can certainly use a mixture of regular butter and cannabutter if you are concerned that your cookies will be too strong.