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Amazing CannaKids Stories Of Cannabis Oil Beating Diseases Covered By Local California TV Station

Image Courtesy of CannaKids

Everyone who contributes to The Marijuana Times obviously has a passion for the cannabis plant and the ever-growing, lucrative industry that comes with legal herb. What we cherish most, though, are success stories that pull on the heartstrings and continue to confirm what we’ve known all along: the cannabis plant works in miraculous ways.

We had a chance to talk with some of the industry professionals at CannaKids Kids and Saving Sophie last year, before their annual holiday toy drive. This year, they’re getting some coverage from local news outlets in the Los Angeles area. It’s great to see them getting the recognition they deserve, especially from those in the mainstream media.

CannaKids was recently featured in a story from KTLA 5, a CW affiliate television station in LA. The piece starts off describing the heart-wrenching story of a young man named AJ Kephart who was 13 when doctors diagnosed him with a deadly bone cancer – an awful disease he valiantly and bravely battled for six whole years.

“It [cannabis oil] took my son off of his death bed,” said Chris Kephart, AJ’s father.

AJ did chemo for fourteen months, and after the second or third session of chemo, both of his lungs collapsed. AJ battled cancer for the next six years. In 2015, doctors told the Kepharts that the cancer was winning. He was given three months to live. He had over twenty tumors in his lungs that they saw as insurmountable.

“When they [doctors] were telling me that I had three months to live, I thought: what can I do? What can I enjoy in my last few months of life? How do I say goodbye?” These are words that no parents should have to hear their children say, especially from someone as young as AJ.

As with many parents forced into this type of terrible situation, AJ’s mother tells KTLA 5 that she was against cannabis before she was opened to its vast medicinal benefits, the plant medicine that essentially saved her son’s life.

The piece from KTLA goes on to discuss another touching story of a child with a potentially deadly disease. Kayce was nine when doctors diagnosed her with leukemia. She was given a cocktail of pharmaceuticals, including high strength adult pain medication.

“From Kayce’s first dose [of cannabis oil], after being bedridden for six days, within twenty minutes, she was up, she was eating, and she was playing, ” says another mother eternally grateful for the healing powers of the cannabis plant – her eyes justifiably shrink-wrapped in tears.

These are just two of the amazing success stories of sick children that CannaKids Kids has helped. CannaKids provides patients with medical professionals who help them administer the plant medicine in a safe and effective way. They are a compassionate California-based collective who supplies Honey Gold cannabis oil to children and adults who are suffering from cancer, autism, epilepsy, PTSD, Crohn’s disease, and severe pain disorders. Their future plans are to continue to selflessly serve children suffering from diseases.