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Another Protest Is Going to Happen in Front of the White House this Weekend

Image Courtesy of DCMJ

They are up to it again; DC’s loudest cannabis activists are planning another protest in front of the White House this weekend. This time, they encourage everyone to bring no more than 2 ounces of clones or plant trimmings to “create a sea of green” while marching from the DuPont Circle neighborhood to the front gate of The White House.

Dubbed the “March of the Clones”, the organized protest is the latest attempt to remind President Obama that his lame duck status as President of the United States doesn’t mean he can’t still put forth the executive orders to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act.

For far too long the power of the Dark side (the DEA, the prison industrial complex, and ignorant members of Congress) has lead to the arrest and jailing of millions of Americans for non-violent drug offenses,” reads the invitation.

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The invite clearly states that it’s an “unpermitted demonstration but is a first amendment protected activity”, however, it’s illegal to carry any amount of the plant on federal property. DCMJ warns their fellow activists that demonstrations with cannabis on federal land, including DuPont Circle and Lafayette Park, is federally illegal and an act of disobedience punishable with arrest. Instead, in accordance with Washington D.C.’s Initiative 71, they assure protestors that they can also safely possess their bud on public grounds.

“Those wishing to participate but who do not wish to break law can join us on DC streets (Connecticut Ave. outside of Dupont Circle and Pennsylvania Ave. by way of 17th St.) without fear of arrest.”

The plan is to meet in front of DuPont Circle this Saturday, September 24th to rally and march down Connecticut Avenue to the White House. From there, they encourage legal, civil disobedience.

The schedule of events is:

  • 2PM EST in Dupont Circle for a short rally
  • 3PM EST begins the 1 mile march down Connecticut Ave. to the White House
  • 4:20PM EST protestors “will engage in mass civil disobedience on Pennsylvania Ave.”

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This isn’t the first time DCMJ has called upon the President to take action against the prohibition of the cannabis plant. When the group hosted a “smoke-out” in front of the White House in April, it resulted in an offer for them to actually meet with the Obama administration to share their grievances. DCMJ are also the innovators of the infamous 51-foot inflatable joint. The huge joint-shaped balloon recently made an appearance at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, only months after its debut in front of the White House – a stunt the Secret Service wasn’t very happy about.