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Anti-Legalization Pharmaceutical Company Gets Schedule II Clearance for its Synthetic THC Drug


Last week, the pharmaceutical giant Insys Therapeutics scored a major victory when it was announced that their new synthetic THC drug – Syndros – was approved by the Drug Enforcement Administration for placement on Schedule II of the federal Controlled Substances Act.

According to Dr. Santosh Vetticaden, Ph.D., M.D., Interim CEO, and Chief Medical Officer at the company, “Insys is looking forward to bringing this new drug product to chemotherapy patients to help alleviate their nausea and vomiting and AIDS patients with anorexia associated weight loss, respectively.”

The irony of a synthetic version of cannabis – a Schedule I, “no known medical value” substance – being placed on Schedule II so it can help the very patients that cannabis itself has been helping for years is made even richer when you realize that just last fall Insys gave $500,000 to opponents of Proposition 205, a measure that would have legalized recreational marijuana in Arizona.

But it gets better. Insys is the maker of Fentanyl, an opioid painkiller that has been linked to a rising number of overdose deaths around the country. Cannabis, of course, has never been linked to a single overdose death in 5,000 years of use.

Insys admitted in a 2007 SEC disclosure filing that legal natural cannabis would be a problem for them. “If marijuana or non-synthetic cannabinoids were legalized in the United States, the market for dronabinol product sales would likely be significantly reduced and our ability to generate revenue and our business prospects would be materially adversely affected,” they said.

Pardon my French, but no s***.

And if fighting against people being able to legally use a product that is far safer than yours as medicine didn’t tell you enough about the ethics of those who run Insys, how about this?

The company is currently under investigation for illegally marketing Fentanyl, an opioid that is 50 times stronger than heroin, which has been linked to the death of Prince last year.

In December, several executives at the company were arrested and the CEO was forced to step down after they were charged with using speakers fees to entice doctors to prescribe Subsys, a medication for cancer patients that contains Fentanyl.

Just a few years ago, the notion that big pharmaceutical companies were conspiring with powerful people in our government for the purposes of keeping cannabis illegal was considered to be a wild conspiracy theory. Now, it is out in the open and blatant.


  1. As the author of this article pointed out, it is now out in the open, that lucrative pharm corp. are pushing to keep Marijuana illegal while rushing to synthesize it’s components and getting the stamp of approval by the corrupt governmental officials and employees of the DEA and the food and drug administration of their new lab creations using marijuana active ingredients! If you wondered why the Obama administration drug it’s feet in regard to supporting legalization of marijuana, wonder no more! Now the new administration with it’s own cadre of morally corrupt lawyers, doctors and the existing corrupt professional governmental employees is in the line to cash in on the corporate money and other sources, associated with organized crime, big pharm. corps. and other criminals, including our sick law enforcement goose steppers and judges who see illegal marijuana as a cash cow and fear legal marijuana as a threat to their power and funding! We can hope that in a few years we can have trials and serious punishment for cops, politicians, judges and the like that have managed this “legal” criminal enterprise(prohibition and terrorism) against their neighbors! Hopefully all living past and current presidents, DEA officials and federal judges can be tried and if found guilty, executed/imprisoned for their parts in this unconstitutional obstruction of justice and the blocking of free exercise of the right to live free of oppression and in the pursuit of happiness. Freeing our gardens and homes of the police thugs who have tormented and persecuted millions of good people will be a start towards seeking punishment against these criminals wearing suits and uniforms! Hopefully, in the near future thousands of government employees, elected and appointed officials and law enforcement management and officers will be viewing their environment from behind bars awaiting possible execution for their treasonous ,terroristic behavior in regards to the drug war on our citizens they implemented and carried out with lustful like zeal! At the least, I hope that they are tormented in hell for their roles in destroying freedom and tormenting their fellow citizens, all for only growing/using a God given natural herbal remedy that has been in wide spread use for 5,000 plus years!