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Arizona Democrats Endorse Prop 205


For those undecided voters, there are a lot of different things that can influence their decision one way or another. While the promotion efforts of both the campaign hoping to pass an initiative and the efforts of the opposition will be a key determining factor for many, there are still other things that will be considered – like who has decided to give the initiative their endorsement, a sort of “seal of approval” if you will, and the more important the individual or organization making that endorsement is, the more influence it can have over voter decisions.

In the case of Arizona’s Proposition 205, which aims to legalize marijuana for adult use, the latest endorsements are pretty big. They have already acquired an endorsement from Representative Ruben Gallego, which was followed by a second member of the state’s congressional delegation to announce their support this week, Representative Raul Grijalva; and if having two U.S. representatives in support wasn’t enough, they now have the endorsement of the entire Democratic party in the state of Arizona.

“The Arizona Democratic Party proudly supports Prop. 205. Regulating marijuana like alcohol will enhance public safety, promote social justice, and improve our education system by raising much-needed revenue for schools. These values are shared by Arizonans of all political persuasions, and it is my hope that they will vote ‘yes’ on Prop. 205.”

This comes only a couple months after the Democratic party endorsed future legalization during their national convention. For some states, the decision is already being presented to voters and it is excellent to see endorsements on a state level in these places. Having this endorsement could very well influence many decisions. On top of receiving an endorsement from the Democratic party, they have received endorsements from each of the other political parties, as well as former Arizona Senate Majority Leader, Dr. Tom Patterson.

“Prohibition of marijuana, like alcohol, simply doesn’t work and never will. It wastes huge amounts of taxpayers’ money and is counterproductive. The results are lawlessness, black markets and ruined lives. Prop. 205 is a rational, enlightened effort to resist excessive government interference in our lives. As an added bonus, it will provide tools to reduce the access of minors to a drug that may be harmful to them.”

The list of endorsements for Prop 205 is growing by the week at this point – which will hopefully help to persuade some of those undecided voters that a “yes” vote is the common sense way to go. After all, if it doesn’t pass, nothing changes – but that in itself is exactly the problem, the reason these initiatives make the ballots – because no one else is willing to make these changes. Obviously there is a lot of support, especially from political figures – which all points to good things; however, until November 8th all we can do is spread the word and hope it reaches enough people.