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Leafs by Snoop Partnered with Tweed to Expand to Canada


There are a few names that we have come to associate with cannabis culture over the last few decades – and one you simply cannot miss is Snoop Dogg, who has been an outspoken advocate of cannabis use for years and has started to seek more entrepreneurial adventures since legalization has grown throughout the United States. Since last fall, his exclusive line of cannabis products, Leafs by Snoop, has been available in Colorado dispensaries; the brand offers an assortment of marijuana flowers and concentrates, among other cannabis-related items.

Now, for the first time, Leafs by Snoop is expanding – and the brand is going international as they partnered with a Canadian company called Tweed for this expansion. The partnership became official last February, and they have spent the last few months coming up with new strains that will be offered exclusively to Tweed’s customer base – and so far they have three new ones to offer: Sunset, Ocean View and Palm Tree CBD, with many more to come.

“Like Hip-Hop, cannabis is as much a lifestyle as it is a culture. Leafs by Snoop is an expression of my experience with that culture over decades on the scene,” Snoop told AllHipHop.com in a statement.

“What started for me in the 90s in Cali now has a home in places like Colorado, where real progress is being made,” Snoop said. “Now that Leafs by Snoop is coming to Tweed, I’ll be able to share my passion for the best cannabis on the planet with Canada.”

Tweed is a cannabis company that is actually known worldwide for it’s high quality products – as well as its outstanding customer service, helping to educate patients who obtain their medical cannabis through the company. Their partnership with Snoop Dogg will allow them to create a line of products from a trusted company, and with an iconic name that anyone involved in cannabis culture would trust. The future of their products will include new strains, which they have said will include mid-to-high THC cannabis as well as high CBD options, like the Palm Tree CBD.

“At this stage in his career, Snoop is much more than an artist, entertainer and entrepreneur,” said Mark Zekulin, President of Tweed.  “He’s also one of the most trusted voices in cannabis the world over. With this partnership we’re welcoming a cannabis culture icon into the Canadian industry, and as a true partner of the Tweed team.”

As a celebration of the partnership, the launch of their new line of products and Snoops birthday (which is October 20th), will take place on October 27th in Toronto. From there, the new Canadian Leafs by Snoop strains should be available to patients registered with Tweed as a part of Canada’s medical marijuana program. The future of the brand, we can likely guess, will grow exponentially once Canada finishes their plans to legalize marijuana for adult use next spring – but for now, those patients lucky enough to be registered with Tweed will be the first to get to experience these new strains.