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Busting Myths About Hemp


1The Hemp Van

The Hemp Road Trip was on the road for 6 weeks, driving more than 10,000 miles through 26 states. These are photos from the first of two educational tours highlighting state-specific advantages of S134 & HR 525- the Industrial Hemp Farming Act.

2Martin O’Malley’s Campaign Stop

The hemp van visits then-presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley’s campaign stop in Iowa during the height of the 2016 presidential elections in February, 2016. O’Malley took this photo with a hemp flag and the hemp tour team.

3Ted Cruz Rally

The hemp team made it to a Ted Cruz rally in Hubbard, Iowa on January 30, 2016. They were not called upon to ask for his stance on hemp. However, they did get interviewed by Swiss radio.  Ted Cruz was the last candidate standing against Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination.

4Rand Paul

Clearly in a rush, the hemp team took a photo in Iowa this past January with the Kentucky Senator who was, at the time, running for president. Rand Paul has since dropped from the 2016 race, but is a co-sponsor of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. Kentucky is one of the few states allowing the farming of industrial hemp.

5Carolina Nonwovens Company

Another stop along The Hemp Road Trip’s North Carolina textile tour. They made it to Carolina Nonwovens Company in Lincolnton, NC where they saw the many natural fiber nonwovens, and took a tour of the plant.


Glenn Rodes, a Virginia farmer, demonstrating what burning biofuel smells like. Hemp produces viable biofuel, according to a 2010 study by the University of Connecticut. Researches found a high efficiency of conversion – 97 percent of the hemp oil was converted to biodiesel – and it passed all the laboratory’s tests, even showing properties that suggest it could be used at lower temperatures than any biodiesel currently on the market.

7Bus Breakdown

Bus completely broken down in Vermont. It won’t turn over, even after the team put some transmission fluid in… Waiting for a tow as jump start didn’t work. Thankfully the hemp team was at a rest stop, and this was only their second trip to the mechanic in last 12 days.

8James Madison University

At James Madison University with some students and Chase Milner and Russell Presnell with the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition.

9Inside the Hemp Van

Inside the hemp van is a display of the diverse products that can be made out of hemp such as clothing, string, oil and more.

10Phase Two of the Hemp Road Trip

Phase Two of the Hemp Road Trip begins June 6th for Hemp Week 2016 and plans on visiting Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington.

All images courtesy of The Hemp Road Trip