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Can Marijuana Help Those with Anxiety?

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marijuana and anxiety

Marijuana is the most widely used psychoactive substance in the USA. Meanwhile, anxiety is the most common mental health condition, affecting over 40 million Americans. Often, the former is used to treat the latter. Though we don’t recommend self-medicating, keep reading to learn more about anxiety and how marijuana may be used to treat its symptoms.

What is Anxiety?

Before you can overcome anxiety, it’s important to understand it. First of all, it’s something that all humans deal with. It’s a natural and important emotion that isn’t necessarily detrimental to your overall wellbeing. Everyone feels nervous or fearful before big events like weddings or exams. Anxiety is a feeling of worry, fear, or general unease.

Sometimes, you may feel anxious even when you know that there’s nothing to fear. For example, you may feel dizzy with a racing heart. You could be restless and unable to concentrate. In these cases, it may be worth seeking a natural herbal remedy to help you relax, of which marijuana is one of many.

Effects of Low Doses of THC 

CBD at all levels of dosage has been shown to reduce anxiety levels. Increasingly, doctors are recommending a psychoactive-free marijuana-derived product like CBD. It seems to calm a worried mind, promote natural and gentle relaxation, and generally help you overcome many anxiety symptoms.

THC is a slightly different story. It can increase your heart rate at higher doses, similar to having too much caffeine. This only increases anxiety. However, there does seem to be a relaxation effect at low doses, which can benefit those with anxiety. The important thing is to be conservative and talk with medical experts instead of self-medicating.

The Role of Delta 8

Delta 8 THC is a particularly interesting subject of research regarding anxiety. This is one of over 100 psychoactive cannabinoids found in marijuana. However, it’s important to note that, as a THC product, any anti-anxiety effects that can be found in Delta 8 will only occur in low doses. Therefore, be sure to be as conservative as possible and see how you get on with very low amounts of this potentially potent substance.

You can shop for Delta 8 for anxiety online. Find a legitimate store where the products are tested for safety, and be sure to only buy from retailers you trust. You should also look for marijuana experts who can explain how their products are designed for anxiety specifically and how you can use them to reduce any anxiety-related symptoms that you may be experiencing. Nothing is guaranteed to cure complex mental health concerns like anxiety like any natural remedy.

Marijuana has long been used for its healing properties. Many people with anxiety have found that it relieves some more serious cases of an overly-worried mind. However, it’s important not to self-medicate. It’s recommended that you try CBD first, which is a safe and effective anxiety-reliever at any dose. Products like Delta 8 THC may also have anxiety-relieving properties for some people but should be taken with caution and at low doses.

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