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Cards Against Humanity Donates $70,000 to the Marijuana Policy Project of Illinois


Cards Against Humanity might call their product the “party game for horrible people,” but they’ve recently shown that the opposite is true. According to a recent report from Inc., Cards Against Humanity donated $70,000 to the Marijuana Policy Project with the hopes that it will help forward the efforts to legalize adult-use cannabis in their state of Illinois.

Chicago-based Cards Against Humanity says the $70,000 has come from sales of their “Weed Pack” deck expansion. The card game’s co-creator, Max Temkin, understands the absurdity of the drug war failure.

“State and national politics are incredibly screwed up right now, but it gives us hope to think that we can make progress on these kind of common-sense issues that everyone supports,” Temkin told Inc.

In April of this year, legalization advocates in the state formed the Coalition for a Safer Illinois, with the goal of gaining more support for an end to cannabis prohibition. In addition to the Marijuana Policy Project, the coalition has gained support from The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, the Clergy for a New Drug Policy, Law Enforcement Action Partnership, Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, and the Illinois chapter of NORML.

Illinois is one of several states currently engaged in discussions about legalizing recreational cannabis. Earlier this year, policymakers in Illinois introduced SB.316. This measure would establish a taxed and regulated legal weed industry in the state, if it passes. The Illinois Sentencing Policy Advisory Council estimates that the state could bring in between $170 million and $305 million over three years by legalizing adult marijuana use. The measure has not yet been voted on.

This donation from Cards Against Humanity is a clear indication that the company understands a large percentage of their customer base comes from cannabis users who find the game hilarious to play while consuming the herb with friends. Legal cannabis can only mean more sales of the popular card game, especially with the vast possibilities for expansion packs. Not only do they make it known that they accept the normalcy of using cannabis through their card game, but now they’ve made a large donation to legalization. More big companies should follow in Cards Against Humanity’s direction. It can only help improve their public image, as every new poll seems to indicate increases in support for cannabis legalization.

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