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Cashinbis: The Blueprint for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Carlo Desierto and Partners

Cashinbis, a budding San Diego based multimedia source for cannabis industry news, is making a name for itself by filling a void in the cannabis space. Through digital publication, video production and podcasting, Cashinbis is interviewing the CEOs, Presidents, high profile advocates and leaders in the cannabis world to provide a blueprint for success to new and existing entrepreneurs. Simply put, if you want to better yourself as a professional entrepreneur, you should check these guys out. No matter what industry you work in, why not learn from those who are having success inside the toughest and most regulated industry in America? After all, if you can successfully operate in the cannabis space, you can successfully operate in any industry.

What Are They Talking About?

Cashinbis is doing something unique in the cannabis space. By focusing their efforts towards the business aspect of the cannabis market, they are acting as a ‘how-to’ when it comes to navigating this tough industry. Readers, listeners and viewers can learn from some of the best cannabis minds around, including past interviews with Tripp Keber (Dixie Elixirs), Troy Dayton (ArcView), Gary Johnson (2-Term Governor of New Mexico/2012 Presidential Candidate) and of course, legendary activist Tommy Chong.

“We share educational, insightful and inspirational content that ranges from entrepreneur interviews, behind-the-scenes looks into cannabis-related companies, investor insights, innovative product highlights, current events, upcoming trends and more.” – Carlo Desierto, CEO, Cashinbis LLC

How Are They Doing It?

According to Guillermo Bravo, COO of Cashinbis, the team is ‘networking like crazy’ to bring the most useful, educated and productive interviews and reports possible to the industry. Their online publication breaks down the trials, tribulations and successes of cannabis entrepreneurs in a thorough, thought-provoking question and answer format. On the video and podcast side, media host Tim Strombel goes off-the-cuff to provide an intimate, behind the scenes peek into the most difficult industry in America.

“I’ve taken my Navy background and directly applied it to how I run Cashinbis. My staff are my weapons and I deploy them to do what they’re best at, without micromanaging. I believe if you arm your company with the right tools, they can accomplish their objectives while you maintain the overall vision of the mission. I maintain the structure and order that allows us to function like a well oiled machine.” – Carlo Desierto, CEO, Cashinbis LLC

Their Journey?

The idea for Cashinbis was born from the mind of Carlo Desierto, while he was watching TV at home. A veteran of both the startup scene and US Navy, Carlo was looking for the next big challenge in his life. It just so happened that one night, while watching the local news, he saw a well-covered story on the cannabis industry. He did nothing. The next night, he saw another great cannabis story, this time on the green rush and cannabis boom. He did nothing. Finally, for a third night in a row, he stumbled across yet another cannabis story. The light bulb switched on.

Carlo grabbed his nearest Forbes magazine and started thinking of ways to enter the cannabis space. Then it hit him. “I’m holding the answer right here,” he said, “I’m going to create the Forbes magazine for the cannabis industry.”

Carlo then recruited two young and passionate entrepreneurs, Guillermo Bravo (COO, Cashinbis LLC) and Erin McDonald (CCO, Cashinbis LLC), to help him build this idea. A year and a half later, Cashinbis has grown from a company of 3 employees, working in a 8×10 ‘janitor’s closet’ (with one desk and two spots on the floor), to a budding digital information superpower in the cannabis world. Their fresh take on ‘the business of cannabis’ is making the pursuit of entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry more accessible and transparent than ever before. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

What’s Next?

The team is very excited about upcoming partnerships, collaborations and industry exclusives that they think will vault them even higher amongst the rankings of cannabis industry mainstays.

“The global cannabis industry is going to grow exponentially over the next ten years. The bigger it gets, the more opportunities there will be for entrepreneurs to enter the space. We will be there to make their transition as easy as possible. Yes, we want to become a goliath in the industry, but we want to do it by helping our content consumers with their own journeys. My goal is to one day interview a famous entrepreneur who will say ‘you know, before I got into the industry I read Cashinbis entrepreneur interviews, listened to the podcasts and watched your videos. It really made me a better professional.’ Nothing would make me happier.” – Carlo Desierto, CEO, Cashinbis LLC