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Is Drone Delivery the Future of Cannabis?

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Amazon may have been the first to talk about using a drone delivery service but it looks like a marijuana company from San Francisco may be the first to employ this as reality.

A company called Trees have everything ready to go pending FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) as is a company called Eaze. Both companies reside in the San Francisco California area and are awaiting approval to get started.

Trees is a company that specializes in delivering “the worlds’ finest buds and concentrates”. They currently offer a delivery service, however they want to improve on that drastically with the addition of drone delivery.

Eaze is described as the Uber of Cannabis as it is an app focused around marijuana delivery – which is why they are also looking into drones.

Why Use Drones?

The reason behind choosing drones as a delivery service is simple: reduce the carbon footprint while also providing a highly efficient service. The drones will make a tremendous difference alone simply by eliminating the need for one more car to be on the road.

It may not seem like much, but each additional car adds up quickly. If they have 25 deliveries to make not only will it take longer in a vehicle but it will also cost more and emit harmful toxins into the air. Overall, drones are really the most economical option around.

Potential Problems Ahead

The biggest obstacle between these two companies and the ability to use a drone delivery system is the FAA. Since the FAA is a federal organization it is likely that there will be a few difficulties along the way in making this service available.

Since marijuana is currently classified as a schedule I drug according to the DEA it is likely that the FAA will not want to allow drone use for medical marijuana, even in states where it is legal. Hopefully the companies will continue to focus on how this is more to benefit the environment than it is to benefit the company itself.

It may be hard to believe but drones are soon going to be the way of the future for delivery of products. If Trees or Eaze manage to get approval by the FAA it will be little to no time at all before Amazon follows suite and get approval as well.

We are literally walking into the future and cannabis is holding the door open this time. Hopefully, drone delivery will soon be the norm for the people of San Francisco.