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Strain Review: Death Star

A Favorite throughout the Galaxy

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Okay, so maybe the entire galaxy has yet to see the magic that Death Star has in store – but many of us have and it’s safe to say if there were an intergalactic cannabis cup, this would be one of the most talked about and most enjoyed strains. This strain is an indica dominant hybrid crossed between Sour Diesel and Sensi Star.

What You Should Expect

This strain offers a dark green shade with dark orange and brown hairs scattered throughout the buds. The shade is adopted by the strain from both its parent strains as well as the dominantly indica properties. The smell has a slight fruity aroma like Sensi Star but that is quickly overpowered by the Sour Diesel fuel type scent and it is a very potent scent – nothing sneaky about this strain.

When smoked this bud will primarily take on the effects of both parent strains leaving you feeling relaxed, euphoric and maybe even a little peppier than usual as per the sativa parent while at the same time feeling a little bit of a body numbing indica trait. This makes this strain great for smoking during the daytime or nighttime as it should not get in the way of regular activities.

As far as consumption goes, when smoked traditionally this bud (as with any of the diesel strains) has a tendency to induce coughing. This can be reduced by using a vaporizer instead of smoking out of a pipe or joint.

Medical Benefits of Death Star

The medical benefits of this strain are plentiful thanks to the wonderful parentage of the plants. The most common ailments that are treated with Death Star include anxiety, nausea, stress and chronic pain. The fact that this strain offers such strong indica effects while mixed with a sativa that will keep you going makes it the perfect tree for someone looking for relief throughout the day.

This strain does have a slight downside in that the effects sort of creep up on you. Death Star has many wonderful qualities and the effects will last for a couple of hours after consuming it – however it may be slow to start and you may not feel it until after the bud has been consumed. On the other hand once the effects hit you, you will be provided with relatively long lasting relief.

While this is not a terribly difficult strain to take care of during the growing process it can be slowed down by the fact that it takes 8-9 weeks from seed to flower. On the other hand, all good things come with patience and this holds 100% true for the Death Star strain.