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Strain Review: Maui Waui (Wowie)

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Maui Wowie is a classic sativa-dominant strain which boasts sun-kissed tropical flavors and mild, stress-relieving qualities when grown the right way. Originating from the Hawaiian Islands way back in the 1960’s, Maui Wowie is a tall sativa that features sweet and fruity pineapple flavors with an upbeat medicated effect. Since no one knows the exact genetics of this strain, it’s hard to say what kind of awards and accolades it has received. While the exact genetic lineage of this hybrid strain are unknown, one thing’s for certain – Maui Wowie has stood the test of time.

 The Maui Wowie strain grew in such popularity that at one point in time, any cannabis coming from Hawaii was arbitrarily called Maui Wowie. It was one of the first strains to see a continuous increase in its THC. Maui Wowie seeds were then brought back to the continental US and its popularity continued to grow. Maui Wowie will relax your body but keep your mind creative, energized and focused. It will also give you a case of the munchies and prepare you for a huge breakfast, making it an excellent wake and bake strain.

 The Sativa effects of Maui Wowie will relieve stress and anxiety. The strain is great for treating chronic depression. The slight Indica contents of this legendary strain also make it an educated choice for easing minor aches and pains. The strain’s tendency to induce the munchies make it a wonderful medicine to increase the appetite in patients struggling with anorexia or other eating disorders.

 This strain’s mellow, calming effects on the mind and body means that it is a solid choice to make into edibles. Consider saying “Aloha” to Maui Wowie cannabis sativa induced foods at your next luau. Just be sure to let your guests know what they’re ingesting after you greet them and get everyone lei’d. Bad neckwear jokes aside,

 Maui Wowie plants show their long and lanky Sativa heritage when it comes to their height, often reaching upwards of almost 6 feet tall. Because of its Hawaiian heritage, growing this strain outdoors is best done in a tropical climate. When grown in locales with colder temperatures, Maui Wowie will be less resistant to molds, mildew, diseases and other nasty, unwanted things.

 Is Maui Wowie your favorite strain? We want to know why! What makes this classic strain better than any others? Haven’t seen your favorite strain reviewed yet? We especially want to know that! Let us know what strains you’d like to see reviewed here at Marijuana Times!