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Chris Christie as Attorney General Could Kill Legal Marijuana


It appears that a Donald Trump Presidency could be more detrimental to the cannabis industry than anyone might have considered previously. Last Friday, previous presidential candidate Chris Christie announced his endorsement for a Trump Administration.

This endorsement comes to many as a surprise after comments Christie made about Trump when he dropped out of the race himself. Christie said that while he considered Trump “a good person,” he is “not the right person to be President of the United States and not the person that we’d want representing our country.”

While it might strike some as shocking, it wasn’t long after the endorsement before the topic of Trump appointing Christie as the new Attorney General surfaced for the first time.

During an interview with Howie Carr, radio host of The Howie Carr Show, he was asked if Chris Christie would make a good attorney general in a Donald Trump administration.

“I think he’d make a great attorney general. He’s a very talented guy. We haven’t even discussed that,” Trump responded.

A quick reminder here – the Department of Justice under the Obama administration has been leaving legal states alone, treating them like an experiment. However, with a new administration will come a new attorney general – and the thought of Christie being put up for the job should strike fear in marijuana activists everywhere.

If you didn’t catch some of the early Chris Christie presidential campaign, you can catch up with this article where Christie declared he would “crack down and not permit” legalized marijuana.

Now does this sound like the kind of guy we need running the Department of Justice? I really don’t think so – and Tom Angell of the Marijuana Majority was quick to point out just how terrifying the idea really should be.

“The phrase “U.S. Attorney General Chris Christie” should send waves of fear through the legal marijuana industry. Not good, folks. Not good,” Angell wrote in a Twitter post.

He’s not at all wrong – there is a lot that could be up in the air with this possibility. While Trump hasn’t come out 100% against statewide legalization he definitely hasn’t come out for it either. Twenty five years ago he claimed the War on Drugs was a failed strategy – but more recently he made statements about Colorado “having some big problems”.

Putting Chris Christie into the position of Attorney General could change everything in a very short period of time – and the worst part is all we can do is wait. Get ready for the elections you guys and always, always, make an informed decision!


  1. I am totally against legal marijuana. All you low life druggies need to get off the drugs. This recreational marijuana is ruining this generation of kids. Fools like you crack heads who are trying to legalize this poison are ruining millions of lives. Marijuana is what is called a “gateway” drug, which means that people who get hooked on this trash, about 96% of the time they go on to cocaine, heroin, and all these other hard drugs. Putting Chris Christie in as Attorney General would be wonderful, as he would get rid of these legal drug laws, and hopefully imprison all you. I am a Sheriffs Explorer and in about a year I will be going into law enforcement. I am going to dedicate my career to getting this crap off the streets. Crack heads like you just make it harder for the police to enforce the law. Someday you will receive punishment for your actions.

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    The voters have spoken, live with it. Quit trying to be a moral busybody. Nixon set up this schedule crap illegally, and he, being a meth head to boot. You’re entire attitude is filled with so much hypocrisy, you might fit well into the forth reich which I’m sure you’re hoping for. A complete police state. I hope you fail in your endeavors !!