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There Will Be a Massive Protest at the White House for the Rescheduling of Marijuana this April


D.C. is one of the last places people probably expected to legalize adult use of marijuana – and yet it’s been legal for over a year now. In that time, a lot has changed, but there is still a lot more that needs to change – not just on a local level, but most importantly on a federal level.

If you’re anything like me the nearing presidential election still has you a bit rattled – not knowing exactly what to expect yet and knowing things could change drastically over a very short period of time in the wrong hands.

This is one of the main reasons that Adam Eidinger, the organizer of the D.C. Cannabis Campaign, has organized a protest at the White House this spring. The protest was also inspired by a recent pro-marijuana speech of sorts by Bill Maher on his show Real Time. (If you didn’t catch it, you should head over to YouTube real quick when you’re done reading this – it’s worth it!)

The event itself will be held on April 2nd – originally it was intended for the traditional unofficial marijuana holiday 4/20. They are hoping to see over 1,000 people at the protest – asking anyone around the nation who is ready to take a stand and can afford to travel to come out and be a part of the protest.

At 4:20pm on April 2nd the entire group will be ready to toke up, right there on the White House lawn. It’s a risky move – but in large enough numbers it sends a very loud and clear message.

“We’re calling on the whole country to come,”(Adam Eidinger) he says. “This is a national mobilization. Some of us may end up in jail, and that’s fine. It’s actually necessary at this point.”

The goal of the protest is to convince Obama to reschedule cannabis on the Controlled Substances Act – where it still remains a schedule I drug considered to have addictive potential and no medicinal value.

Those running this protest are the same who managed to legalize possession and cultivation of marijuana in D.C. only two years ago – they almost considered having this protest last year, but this time they are sure there is enough support nationwide.

This is an incredible idea, no matter how risky it may be. It’s time to stand up for the truth – marijuana is a medicine, and like vitamins you don’t need to be sick to reap the medical benefits!

If any of you are planning to go to this protest I would love to hear from you prior to and after the protest!