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Compliance Rules in Cannabis Extractions: Keeping up with Change

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Just when you thought you had a handle on the compliance rules regarding equipment and operating practices involved in extractions, the powers that be change them again. This is a common complaint within the commercial cannabis industry these days. As in other areas of business – and life, for that matter – the lowest common denominator ends up changing the rules for the rest of us. Someone carelessly operating a home extraction set-up blows up a garage or burns down a business because of unsafe and/or uneducated practices, and you can bet the rules will change for everyone, at every level.

Staying compliant isn’t easy with the changing legislation and rules. Every state, county, and city is different. Every legislative body has their own lawyers, engineers, and advisors – because to them, they’re in mostly undiscovered territory.  And this pattern will continue with each new state that legalizes some form of cannabis. Overshadowing all of these legislatures is the federal government that still classifies cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, making it illegal in their eyes, so each local governing authority has to dot every “i” and cross every “t” to avoid drawing further attention to their state or community. Extractions are increasingly under the microscope with the new direction the laws are headed. If it is flammable, it needs to be in a Class 1 Division 1 environment. This new ruling is encompassing a lot more extraction types than it has in the past; it now includes ethanol, alcohol, and other flammable gases.

Denver, Colorado was “ground zero” for the legalization and regulation of this budding (pun intended) industry. Colorado has, through trial and error, developed relationships with legislators through communication and education, along with self-policing and developing strict standards within the local commercial cannabis industry, and we continue to develop new practices and safer standards for growing and extraction methods. Because of the groundwork laid and the success Colorado has seen throughout its evolution in the cannabis industry, we are being studied – and copied – as a template for other states as they gradually legalize cannabis with each election cycle. The state of Colorado, and other counties,  tend to follow the rules that Denver creates, and in turn, the other states, cities, and counties follow suit and establish similar rules.

FlexMOD-C1D1-Extraction-LabThat’s where FlexMOD enters the picture. FlexMOD – a pioneer in the commercial cannabis industry – also started at the very beginning, right at ground zero in Denver. Because of this, it is uniquely positioned to be the company that sets and exceeds the standards in the commercial cannabis industry. FlexMOD is comprised of top industry management, cannabis growers, facility designers, and engineers with the most extensive experience in commercial grows and extractions. FlexMOD’s experienced, industry-educated engineers specialize in creating the most efficient, extremely safe, industry-compliant facilities and labs in the world.

Extractions have quickly become sought-after products, and we’ve seen first-hand how changes in the rules of compliance can shut down a business due to stricter requirements for health and safety.

Introducing The FlexMOD Extraction Lab.

Technology, safety, compliance, and AFFORDABILITY in an all-in-one,

TURNKEY package.

The FlexMOD Extraction Lab is the pinnacle of technology, safety, and compliance. Built to industrial standards – the same global standards utilized by the oil and gas industry – FlexMOD has the solution in their complete, all-in-one Extraction Lab.

FlexMOD-Combo-C1D1FlexMOD has worked with 3 different well-known engineering firms at great expense to create the safest, most compliant, state of the art, affordable environment for extracting cannabis. The lab utilizes a proprietary safety PLC system.

Standard features include:

  • Continuous airflow for gas dispersion.
  • Automated gas detection alarm system that initiates immediate safety measures and equipment shutdown in event of elevated gas levels (well below maximum levels mandated by regulatory standards).
  • Spark-proof equipment.
  • Negative pressure.
  • Steel, weather-sealed door with auto-close and emergency exit system for added safety.
  • Numerous other built-in safety features that fall well within compliance rules.

In addition, FlexMOD includes – at no extra charge – a third-party engineering peer review. This is essentially a white paper that states the extraction lab meets the strict guidelines of a true Class 1 Division 1 environment recognized by ALL states. This third-party engineering review does the additional job of educating officials on universal safety compliance. Often, state and local officials haven’t been properly educated on cannabis industry technology and are sometimes hard-pressed to make an informed decision. This review, along with showing them you are compliant, has the additional benefit of showing them exactly WHY you are compliant, and the engineering behind it.

FlexMOD-Clean-RoomFlexMOD has created a winning formula with its Extraction Lab. They’ve taken the design time, trial and error, and the huge out-of-pocket expense of building your own lab and given you a state of the art, proven, easy to buy or lease, turnkey solution to your extraction needs.