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Crafty Vaporizer Review 2019: It’s Crafty and It’s Just Our Type

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Twenty years ago, the German brand Storz and Bickel gave us the Volcano desktop vaporizer, which is widely accepted as the first vaporizer ever made. Much has changed in the wonderful wonder of vaporizers since then, but one thing remains the same. Storz and Bickel continue to develop high-quality, durable vaporizers with great features and exceptional vapor quality. One of these portable vaporizers is the Crafty. Originally released in 2014, the brand has since upgraded the Crafty with a better battery life. 

Build Quality

One of the reasons why so many people love the products that come from Storz and Bickel is because of the fact that they make vaporizers that last. The Crafty is durable, rugged and very well made. There are no parts that seem out of place, and the ergonomic design is comfortable and feels great in the palm of most hands.  

Ease of Use

The latest version of the Crafty is simple to use, and it operates exactly the way that all of the other versions do. Simply twist off the top, fill up the chamber with your dry herb and press the single button at the bottom. The unit then starts to heat up to the default temperature and will vibrate to indicate it’s ready to go. Tap the button another time to enter boost mode. The latest version allows you to extend the auto-shutoff time by 5 minutes when using the app. 

Temperature Flexibility

The Crafty features a wide temperature range from between 104-410°F, also known as 40-210°C. One of the only knocks on the Crafty is the fact that its precision must be remotely controlled with the BlueTooth app. You can use the boost mode to manually pick between two different temperatures that you set on the device itself, but the on-board controls only allow you to toggle between the two temperatures. 

There are a lot of other units that offer precision controls on-board, so it is a bit puzzling that Storz and Bickel decided not to add this upgrade to their newest version of the Crafty. This is not a huge issue for most of us who consume cannabis with vaporizers, but for those of us who are old school might not love that fact. The heat-up time is between 60-90 seconds, which is also below average for most vaporizers on the market today. 

Vapor Quality

As is everything that Storz and Bickel manufacturers, the vapor quality on the Crafty is top-shelf and stellar. While the Crafty might be slightly behind its sibling the Mighty in terms of vapor quality and production, it still stands the test of time and continues to offer excellent vapor quality. You get hybrid heating with the Crafty, which is a combination of convection and conduction to give you the best of both worlds. Each rip down to the last one is full of flavor, especially with your dry herbs. If you are looking for to primarily vape concentrates, you might want to look for a pure wax pen, but the Crafty does offer dual functionality with the included concentrate pad.

Battery Life

Perhaps the biggest complaint that consumers had with the original Crafty is that it was lacking in the battery life department. Storz and Bickel wisely addressed this issue with the new version of the Crafty, adding another session or two onto the original battery life. This adds up to about 5-6 full bowls per charge, which is decent. There are some Storz and Bickel fans who would have liked to see a removable battery added to the new version of the Crafty, but that’s a minor detail. 


The Storz and Bickel brand is known for offering a lot of accessories with their vaporizers, and the Crafty is no different. Apart from the Crafty device itself, you get a tool for filling your dry herbs, a grinding mill, a concentrate pad, a dosing capsule, a cleaning brush, extra screens, a power adapter, and a USB cable. The unit and all of its parts are also backed by a 2-year warranty, which is usually well-honored by the manufacturers.  


The lack of onboard precision controls, relatively slow heat-up time and lack of a removable battery is less than some vape enthusiasts would expect from Storz and Bickel. However, The Crafty is a durable, well-made premium vaporizer that offers exceptional vapor quality. There is a reason why vaporizers from Storz and Bickel stand the test of time – and that’s because their brand and all of their products are built to last.

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