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Creators of VapeXhale and Hanu Stone Launch Next-Generation Desktop Cannabis Vaporizer, the Hanu Petra

Hanu Labs

Hanu Labs™ (Hanu) opened up pre-sale orders for the Limited Edition Hanu Petra, the newest addition to Hanu’s lineup of high-end cannabis Herbal Delivery Systems. The new Hanu Petra is a dual-functioning desktop vaporizer for both flower and concentrates wielding an incredibly articulate convection-based heating system that eliminates combustion, along with an all-glass airpath that allows the herb to enter the airways as a rich, clean, moisture conditioned vapor, cooled to perfection. 

Hanu Labs is a minority-owned, design-driven cannabis technology company advancing the herbal vaporization experience lightyears beyond where it stands today. Leveraging user-centric craftsmanship and patented heating technology, this San Francisco Bay Area-based vaporizer company is an established leader developing highly awarded products such as the Vapexhale EVO and the Hanu Stone. The VapeXhale EVO is a 5X Cannabis Cup Award Winner for “Best Desktop Vaporizer” and was recognized by High Times as the “#1 Desktop Vape of 2017.” In 2018, the VapeXhale was awarded the “Best Dabbing Device” by the Cashinbis Best of Cannabis Awards, and “Best Home Vaporizer” by Best Cannabis which celebrates excellence in the global cannabis industry. 

Instead of conduction heating where a hot surface is used to char the herb, leading to a burnt taste, the Hanu Petra (MSRP $499) features patented Perpetual Heat Thermal Technology that evenly and efficiently extracts aromatic healing properties, effective ingredients and flavor molecules for an elevated experience. The device offers analogue controls, allowing users the option of adjusting the temperature to their desired range. As you inhale, the air flows past the heater, warms up to your set temperature and then glides through to vaporize your chosen herb or concentrate. Upgrading the smoking experience even further, this desktop heater core is encapsulated by premium-grade borosilicate glass delicately hand-blown with uniform consistency. The Hanu all-glass airpath and artisanal HydraTubes™ provide the cleanest avenue possible for every inhale. Hanu’s HydraTubes bestow an arsenal of customizable percolation and diffusion options suitable for a range of inhalation styles and preferences.

Consumers familiar with the popular VapeXhale EVO Vaporizer, another product under the Hanu Labs umbrella, are bound to appreciate the durability and efficiency of the Hanu Petra which has an estimated lifespan of 5-9 years. Buyers taking advantage of the pre-sale can order this limited release device for $420.00 until the official public launch on December 15th, just in time for the holiday season. 

“Our goal was to improve upon the same great tasting experience introduced by the EVO back in 2013, while leveraging the feedback from our current fan-base to create something even more long-lasting,” said Ricardo Willis, CEO of Hanu Labs. “The Hanu Petra was designed for consumers looking for the purest form of inhaling flower or concentrates, one that allows them to truly taste the full-spectrum,” added Willis.