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Cure Crate, Purveyors of Premium CBD Subscription Boxes, Brings Womens’ Health to the Forefront for Women’s History Month

CEO Alexandra Mulconnery shares the power of CBD-based products for women’s health issues while supporting and promoting fellow women-founded brands

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March is Women’s History Month, and one of the tenet’s of this charge is “to assist women to be in a position of power to make informed decisions about their health.” This belief drives Cure Crate co-founder Alexandra Mulconnery, and she is on a mission to inform women of the role of CBD as a holistic health aid. Cure Crate is devoting the month of March to help women understand CBD’s role in improving their life and health. 

“I discovered the power of CBD in my own life,” says Mulconnery, Cure Crate co-founder and healthcare consultant, “I started using CBD as a wellness-supporting replacement for alcohol while I was traveling extensively. I was intrigued, and with further research, I saw how beneficial CBD is to women specifically – from PMS to menopause. Still, I feel like reliable information on CBD for women’s wellness specifically just isn’t out there.”

Cure Crate will devote the month of March to sharing practical information on how CBD helps women worldwide with feminine health challenges. CBD has been shown to improve conditions ranging from arthritis to anxiety. Cure Crate will address women-specific issues this month through their blog and newsletter and on Instagram @CureCrate, touching on sexual wellness, PMS, menopause, and more. 

Cure Crate is also lifting other women-founded CBD brands to bring attention to these important industry players. Every day in March, the brand will be featuring a women-founded company in the CBD space that provides products to enrich women’s lives. Brands include:

  • CBD beauty brands like Mantra Mask and Mask Skincare 
  • CBD-infused beverages by Sweet Reason and Empress Tea
  • Vital Leaf, providers of various functional wellness products
  • Other CBD women-founded brands: Kush Queen, Vertly, The Good Patch by La Mend, BSBE, Qwin, Liweli, Right wellness, Simply Gum, Cbx Shield, Acrely Farms, Empower BodyCare, and Macroo

Sean Wynn and Alexandra Mulconnery co-founded Cure Crate so others could experience a personalized wellness “cure” offering the benefits of CBD in a premium subscription box. Their belief that “CBD is not one-size-fits-all,” Cure Crate offers “CBD-ELIVERED.” This one-of-a-kind CBD subscription service helps people sample, find and curate CBD products that fit their unique wellness needs and lifestyle. The goal is to make this potent plant extract available in a way that feels safe, effective, and individually tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Cure Crate is a part minority-owned and part woman-founded business. In addition to bringing women’s health to the forefront, Mulconnery and Wynn envision Cure Crate as a means of addressing both wellness advocacy and advancing social justice, creating a more inclusive, accessible world for everyone.