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DC Style on Display at the DC BUD Summit


The DC Business Understanding Development Summit, or the DC BUD Summit, expo floor was a colorful collection of companies demonstrating DC’s unique street-meets-hip-hop style and business-casual cannabis culture.  The cannabis summit took place at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill on Saturday, August 20, 2016.

The District of Columbia has a medical marijuana program and under Initiative 71, the cannabis culture scene has exploded with legal recreational use over the past year – however, recreational sales are still prohibited.

Photos Captured by Vidur Bharatram


SpacyCloud is a clothing and life-style brand created by Tatiana Kolina. Known as Tati, her designs transcends styles and are a part of her self-described “visual aesthetic that breathes from the world of break dancers, hip hop artists, street artists, skateboarders, motorcycle rides, and other free spirited and creative individuals.” They also have some really outrageous printed leggings, hats, shirts and more.

2A Perfect Fit

Made in DC, the cannabis-themed SpacyCloud hat is a perfect fit for the DC BUD Summit.

3A Plant Grows in D.C.

A plant grows in D.C., this Blue Cookies cannabis plant allows the public the see and touch the federally banned plant.

4RosinStein Rosin Press

The RosinStein rosin press warms up to extract the essential oil out of the cannabis plant. The man behind the press is Cesar Salas, he began building his own machine as a gentler way to consume his medicine. A community-oriented operation, Salas presses flower for community members and is most happy to offer his services to veterans free of charge.

5Nothing Goes to Waste

The leftover plant matter from the rosin tech process looks and feels much like a kale chip. Instead of discarding the flower, RosinStein experiments with ways to reuse the by-product. Here, the pressed flower is put on display in a photo frame as a keepsake.

6Pink Fox Edibles

Mark & Kelly of Pink Fox were first to greet attendees with a booth at the door of the expo room. They are the team behind the edibles brand in Washington, D.C. and they are making a name for themselves with delicious infused-candies and snacks. They’re also hosts of the new live streaming show, Pink Fox Playhouse on WLVS Radio.

7Pink Fox T-shirts

Pink Fox T-shirts showcase designs featuring the D.C. flag and the city’s subway map.

8Get Hemp Butter

Get Hemp Butter is another D.C.-based company founded by female entrepreneur, Kyla Hill. Hill has been featured in PBS and other docuseries on cannabis in the District. Her CBD balms heal lips, skin, and hair and come in flavors like Melon Berry Bash.

9Pipes, Grinders and More

Pipes, grinders and more available for purchase. D.C. has legalized cannabis, however, public consumption remains banned in The District.

10Myster Brand Products

Myster brand products are geared toward the high-end cannabis users. Their book cover grinders and stash trays are very popular. The company founder, Davis Clayton Kiyo, believes “modern cannabis culture is a force to be reckoned with”.

11Plant on Display

Another cannabis plant on display at the BUD Summit. Also on display at the table were the Cannabis Industry Advising team who specialize in Cannabis Law compliance education, referrals, contract negotiation, and event planning/promotion in the Metro area. They were handing out business cards and cannabis seeds at the event in Washington, D.C.

12CBD for Spinal Injury

One military veteran explains his CBD treatment for spinal injury patients as a life-saving treatment that improves the quality of life for his fellow disabled vets.