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Don’t Pass By The Firefly 2 Vaporizer

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The original Firefly vaporizer was released back in 2013 to mixed reviews from vapers. Although the reasonable vapor quality and innovative design proved popular, the downsides – including the large profile and poor battery life – meant that, for many, the Firefly failed to impress. However, the manufacturer bounced back, building on its previous successes and learning from its mistakes. The result is the Firefly 2 – a portable, high performing device that vapers are sure to appreciate.

One top feature of the Firefly 2 vaporizer is its ability to accommodate short vaping sessions. The small chamber is heated virtually instantly, thanks to an on-demand convection heater, and this means speedy herb cooking for a fast vape. Thanks to the cutting edge Bluetooth connectivity, the Firefly 2 vaporizer is right up there among the top performing dry herb vapes today.

A Truly Convenient Design

This brand has learned a lot from its earlier errors, listening to its customers and reducing the size and weight of its Firefly 2 device. The result is a sleek vaporizer which is over 50% lighter than its older sibling and over 30% smaller. This makes it a great choice for vaping on the move.

It boasts a sport, two-part design with a body and separate magnetic lid that is super-simple to use. Thanks to the viewing window, it’s also possible to see instantly if the chamber needs refilling. The removable mouthpiece is another appealing feature that minimizing maintenance requirements, and the all-glass airway keeps the vapor cool and flavourful.

Even small details haven’t been forgotten. The buttons are touch sensitive, and this means that body heat is necessary from the fingertips to activate the vaporizer. This safety feature means that users won’t accidentally fire up their device while it’s still in their pocket.

As for the aforementioned Bluetooth app, it allows users to adjust their temperature setting easily by using a tablet or cell phone. The app connectivity means that the device can stay smooth, sleek and stylish without additional and unnecessary buttons – a small detail, but nonetheless one that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Quality Of Vapor And Flavour

The original Firefly vaporizer was well-known for the high quality vapor it produced, and nothing has changed with its younger sibling. The Firefly 2 vaporizer won’t disappoint with a smooth and consistent vapor – no matter whether you’re vaping herbs or concentrates – thanks to a borosilicate glass vapor path and glass chamber to ensure a clean and aromatic flavour. Cloud chasers won’t be disappointed either, since this vape can produce more clouds than most other handheld devices.

The convection heater means that you won’t waste any time or battery life while waiting for your device to reach your chosen temperature. Capable of heating to 400 degrees within only a few seconds, this device even has laser-drilled micro-jets in its heating chamber for optimal heat distribution and outstanding flavour. If you’re too lazy to grind up your herbs, the Firefly 2 vaporizer is definitely right for you since there’s no need for fine grinding with this vaporizer.

How Long Does The Battery Last?

Even the battery has been well thought out by the manufacturers, and to that end, there are two batteries supplied with each device. One will come pre-installed in the vaporizer in the box and there is a second battery supplied free of charge as a spare. A single battery provides sufficient power for 3-4 cooks, and although this is a bit disappointing when compared with some other devices that can provide two, three or even four times that number, since a second battery comes with the kit you can have a full 8 sessions before recharging. Since the device has a separate USB connected charging dock, it’s possible to always have one battery charging up while the other is in use, ensuring you’ll never have to endure any downtime. The charging dock is also incredibly speedy – recharging to full from empty in only 45 minutes.

Fully Equipped

Another great bonus of the Firefly 2 vaporizer is the sheer number of accessories that come with each device. Not only is there a free spare battery, there is also a charging dock, charging cable, stirring sticks and 3 stainless steel concentrate mesh pads.

Should I Buy The Firefly 2 Vaporizer?

If we compare the Firefly 2 vaporizer with its original incarnation, it’s easy to see just how far this manufacturer has come. Although there are still a few negatives to consider – the shorter battery life being one potential issue – the speed of heating, the quality and volume of vapor and the impressive flavour more than outweighs the negatives. Portable, convenient and producing no waste, this user-friendly, low maintenance device is sure to hit the spot for a large number of users, and is a good choice of vaporizer for both experienced and novice vapers alike.

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