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Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Review

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Customization is the greatest advantage of Dr. Dabber Aurora, which means a more versatile vaping experience for you. Whether you’re a newbie or a vape professional, you’ll definitely enjoy the smooth and flavorful vapor of one of the best wax pen vaporizers on the market today. What makes this vape so special? Let’s get to know more about the groundbreaking innovation brought about by Dabber Aurora and what you can stand to benefit from using this vaping device.

More Than Just Looks

If you are a seasoned vaper, the first thing you’ll notice in a vaporizer is the look because the appearance and feel speak a lot about a vaporizer’s overall quality. You’ll find that vaporizers from Dr. Dabber clearly display the quality of their units from the inside out. They feel incredible in the hands while also making a stylish statement. The Dr. Dabber Aurora has a sleek and modern design. The LED lights are bright, which go perfectly well with the device’s overall look. More than the aesthetic appeal, Dr. Dabber Aurora comes with fully-loaded features, such as a variable voltage battery, Snap Tech magnetic technology, and advanced atomizers.

The Dr. Dabber Aurora vaporizer looks and feels sturdy – with outstanding vaping performance. It is one of the most flavorful and easy-to-use Dr. Dabber dab pens today. You’ll be surprised because the Aurora AHOL Sniffs Glue Artist Series packaging is really cool. It comes in a faux spray can, including a custom honey hat, lapel, or mat, as well as atomizers, silicone containers, dab tool, and a charging dock.

Three Vaper Faves

First of all, the Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Pen Kit is known for its three adjustable settings, all of them catering to oils and waxes. Once your device is on, just click the button thrice to change the heat setting, wherein the green means ‘low heat’, blue for ‘medium heat’, and pink means ‘high heat’. If you prefer a mild relaxing vaping, go for low or medium, while high heat is for those who want to vape wild.

The Dabber Aurora wax vaporizer also offers three advanced atomizers. Of course, not all waxes and oils are the same, that’s why this vape has three unique atomizers included for an expanded range. The atomizers included are the dual quartz rod, dual ceramic rod, and the ceramic halo, all with quartz dish. The dual quartz rod is good to use for tasting a product with concentrates and other vape materials with extremely low viscosity. It produces a “clean” vapor flavor. The dual ceramic rod is recommended to produce bigger clouds so the vaper can feel the draws in the throat. It can be used for many types of concentrates and other materials not extremely low in viscosity. The ceramic halo heater is best for discreet vaping because it produces little clouds, which requires a higher setting – perfect for waxier oils. These atomizers are included in Dr. Dabber vaporizers for sale online, specifically for the Aurora model.

Dr. Dabber Vaporizer Usage Tips

When loading a Dr. Dabber Aurora, you have to pull the mouthpiece in an upward motion in order to separate the heating chamber from the airflow regulator. Load the prepared material onto the heating chamber or atomizer. Avoid the heating element from being in contact with the loading tool. Reconnect the airflow regulator to the atomizer once the material has been properly loaded. Avoid overloading the atomizer. Next, press the button found on the battery quickly five times, and then inhale to vaporize while pressing and holding the button.

The Dr. Dabber Aurora wax pen is user-friendly and is also good-looking. Just simply attach the mouthpiece and the atomizer with the battery, which means that you don’t have to screw and unscrew every time. You just need to bring the parts together, and rest assured that the rest is managed by the innovative SnapTech magnetic technology. When charging Dr. Dabber wax pens, you can connect your device to universal USB outlets by just simply connecting the top of the battery to initiate charging. Before using the device, make sure that the unit is fully charged. If the light turns green, it means your Dr. Dabber Aurora is fully charged. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, this wax vaporizer is easy to clean by just wiping the pen with isopropyl alcohol at 91% or higher. No stress and hassle of cleaning involved.

What Does Dr. Dabber Aurora Feel Like?

The Aurora vaping experience is superb because it produces consistent vapors that are immensely packed with flavor. It relies heavily on the three different atomizers and iconic low-heat technology, allowing you to extract the right flavor and the right amount of vapor from your favorite concentrates. The Ceramic Halo Atomizer doesn’t have any wires or wicks, vaporizing your wax in an even manner and promoting slow draw for the best results. Vape your low viscosity concentrates using the Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer, which not only vaporizes your material evenly, but it also reduces the residual taste. The Dual Ceramic Rod Atomizer is so flexible that it can work well with almost any type of concentrates, which is recommended for a vaper who wants to make things simple and easy.

There’s no doubt that Dr. Dabber Aurora is highly recommended for anyone who wants versatility and portability combined in a single unit, something you can carry anywhere and use anytime. Every vaping session will surely be unique and convenient, no matter what you’re doing or what your lifestyle is. Feel the fun and excitement vaping with Aurora, giving you the freedom to choose the experience you want in your favorite daily habit. Indeed, this vaporizer can be your best buddy when traveling, working, or simply relaxing, allowing you to treasure every taste and aroma without stress and hassle.

In Summary

The Dr. Dabber Aurora vaporizer comes with a potent variable voltage battery, allowing you to fine tune all of your vaping sessions based on your needs and taste. For long and casual vaping sessions, you can try the lowest settings and just crank up the voltage for powerful rips. You can charge the battery easily with the included magnetic USB charger. The Dr. Dabber Aurora comes with a light-weight battery as compared to other dabbing pens. Just 2 hours of being charged in the docking bay will give you a fully-charged battery, making it a perfect vape device for light to medium smokers. The heat settings are displayed by bright LED lights for your convenience. A green light means a fully-charged device.

Final Thoughts

Dr. Dabber Aurora is true to its word, which is indeed a low-profile wax pen but with a high class. Its features and benefits won’t fail you, which is perfect for on-the-go vaping sessions. It is portable, durable, and a total rockstar when it comes to quality and performance. The price is very competitive and it sets a standard when it comes to versatile vaporizers in the market today. Personalizing your vaping experience has never been as easy as with Dr. Dabber Aurora, so grab yours today and check out Dr. Dabber vaporizers for sale today!