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First Ever Marijuana Exhibit Coming to Oakland Museum of California

PHOTO: Courtesy of http://smileoakland.org/oakland-museum-of-california/

With the impending efforts in California attempting to legalize recreational marijuana, there is no time like the present to bring the conversation and controversy to the forefront of people’s attention. We’re seeing it more and more in the news as well as in scientific journals – but how many places or events are there for people who want to openly learn more on the subject?

The answer is not many – but that might change after this first of its kind event – a marijuana exhibit coming to the Oakland Museum of California called Altered State: Marijuana.

The event will begin on April 16th (and if you’re local and want to attend it’s good to know they are having a $4.20 admission event on 4/20/2016) and it is designed to provoke conversation and questions about the curious nature of cannabis.

“We have designed an open and participatory experience to engage anyone who has an opinion or wants to learn more about the complex issues and information about this topic, which is relevant to all Californians,” says Associate Curator of Natural Sciences.

The exhibit will be a mixture of artwork, political documents and posters, scientific displays and interactive and multimedia – all coming together to show the historical, scientific and political advances in marijuana culture.

There will be 10 different sections of the exhibit – each focusing on a different aspect of marijuana and the science and culture behind it. Some of the noted “attractions” include live and preserved cannabis (loaned to the museum), a walk-in exhibit created by Cybele Lyle that is meant to “alter viewers’ perspectives of time and space” and even a “Cannabis Confessional” where visitors can share their personal stories and experiences.

The main sections of the exhibit will be labeled as follows:

Cannabis Science, Medical Marijuana, Profitable Pot, Sacred Ganja, Criminal Dope, Creative Grass, Evil Weed, Politically Loaded, Youth and Marijuana and Recreational Reefer.

These different sections aim to give a clear understanding of each aspect of marijuana – going into many different things including how THC and CBD work with the endocannabinoid system, how government regulations make it near impossible to study the plant properly, using the plant as a medical alternative, the opinions of youth on cannabis and even how some cultures view marijuana as a part of ritual practices.

The learning possibilities at this exhibit seem to be endless – and it’s all done in an open situation that takes a look at many different angles of the controversy that is cannabis. Hopefully, many, many people will visit this exhibit and leave with a more complete understanding of the mysterious herb.

Personally, I think this event will be a big success – and I hope Altered State: Marijuana makes its way to museums around the country!