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HerbSafe – Personal Cannabis Curing and Storage


When it comes to storage of marijuana, one thing is certain – it only keeps maximum potency for a little while. Yeah, mason jars and other air tight containers can help keep your bud almost as fresh as when you got it, and a Ziploc bag can only last for so long.

Until now nothing has truly been able to handle this task. The HerbSafe has now taken both the curing and storage of marijuana to a whole new level.

What Makes HerbSafe so Unique?

The HerbSafe is a stainless steel, airtight container with a patent-pending silicon valve in the lid that truly sets this container apart. Simply put your flower into the container and snap the lid on tight – from there, the HerbSafe container does the rest of the work.

It is commonly known that oxygen will quickly spoil any foods or herbs that are left out – the HerbSafe is the only container of its kind, preserving potency and freshness. This technology works similarly to how coffee is sealed before sale.

How does the HerbSafe work?

You never have to “burp” the container as you would with a normal storage container since the silicon valve will automatically release the gases that form inside the container over time. From there, the valve will automatically close, never allowing heat, moisture or air from outside to get in.

Once you put your bud in the container you can leave it alone as long as you want and when you come back to it, it will be as fresh as when you first got it. It may even be more potent as the container also helps to cure to herbs.

Who could benefit from HerbSafe?

There are so many people that could benefit from having a HerbSafe storage container. It comes in three different sizes – the Mini, the Large and the 5 gallon. The mini is only 3”, which is perfect for someone who only needs to store a little.

The Large sized HerbSafe container is 6”, double the size of the mini. This is perfect for regular tokers looking to keep their flower as fresh has possible. If you have a strain that you really like that is not always in supply the HerbSafe would be perfect to keep it fresh – you can smoke a little between other strains to enjoy your favorite and it will always stay at peak potency.

The 5 gallon version is more for cultivators and retail dispensaries looking to keep their product as potent as possible – or to be used for the entire curing process. It’s as simple as putting it the plant in the bucket and being sure the lid is shut tight. From there, the HerbSafe does the rest.

This is a really neat invention – the one way valve is perfect for keeping cannabis at its best! It could also be used for other herbs or coffee. The best part is that the price is extremely affordable for this one-of-a-kind technology, something that is not often seen these days.