Home Business HighOnLove’s THC-Infused Chocolate Body Paint Makes Valentine’s Day Debut at Marijuana Mansion

HighOnLove’s THC-Infused Chocolate Body Paint Makes Valentine’s Day Debut at Marijuana Mansion

High on Love

HighOnLove®, a luxurious woman-owned line of sensual and self-care products, is inviting Denver’s finest to the Marijuana Mansion on Monday, January 31st for a sneak-peak of their limited release THC-infused Dark Chocolate Body Paint. 

Colorado’s top cannabis tastemakers, including influencers, thought leaders, dispensary owners and buyers, are invited to elevate their senses with the company’s collection of THC and CBD products available in recreational cannabis dispensaries across the state. This invite-only sensual soirée will showcase three new SKUs of HighOnLove products, all available for pick-up on-site at The Green Dragon Capitol Hill location. 

“We’re always finding ways to add fun and playfulness to intimacy, and we’re excited to showcase what we have in store for the new year,” said Angela Mustone, founder and CEO of HighOnLove. 

HighOnLove’s limited-release Dark Chocolate Body Paint infused with 100mg of THC is inspired by chocolatiers in Brussels and a delicious edible aphrodisiac designed to bring a higher level of intimacy into the bedroom. The Dark Chocolate Body Paint comes in an elegant heart-shaped glass bottle and includes a paintbrush for application. The chocolate is also vegan, making it easy to save for the most intimate moments, and always ready-to-use without requiring heating or refrigeration.

HighOnLove is also launching its new Sensual Bath & Body Oil, and Sensual Flower sold in pre-packaged 3.5g jars. HighOnLove’s Sensual Bath & Body Oil combines 100mg of THC and 100mg of CBD with a blend of natural oils that can be used in the bath or shower to nourish and hydrate skin. HighOnLove’s new Sensual Flower is a hybrid strain featuring aphrodisiac terpenes such as limonene and myrcene to promote relaxation and connection.

Curious consumers across the United States and in Canada can purchase a variety of HighOnLove’s existing products without THC, including the Dark Chocolate Body Paint, as it is included amongst HighOnLove’s line of hemp products currently available online. 

The private event is taking place at Denver’s immersive venue, The Marijuana Mansion, where staff and attendees will be following proper state-mandated COVID protocols. Masks will be provided on-site.