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How Can One Overcome Anxiety and Tension In Life?

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Have you ever experienced anxiety so overwhelming that you couldn’t get any work done? This mental health disorder is notorious for ripping people away from their present and keeping them in a loop of panic regarding the future. But instead of focusing on catastrophic thoughts, you have the choice to rewire your emotions. Curious to know how? Let’s walk through 5 effective ways to overcome anxiety and tension in life.

  1. Learn breathwork: One of the simplest ways to easily calm an anxious stream of thoughts is learning to breathe correctly. Yes, you heard us right! Everyone breathes involuntarily, but not all of us breathe correctly. Did you know a certain kind of breathing can induce anxiety on cue? When you breathe rapidly through your mouth and exhale in short bursts, it releases more adrenaline in the body, which can drive anxiety. While this method is great to get you into a “doer phase”, it’s not healthy for anxious people. Learning to breathe slowly through your nose and exhale from your mouth can help your body regulate stress better.
  1. Try cannabidiol extracts: One of the most beneficial treatments to overcome anxiety attacks is using cannabidiol extracts. Derived from Sativa plants, cannabis concentrates online today come in a wide range of products from tinctures, strains, and oils, to capsules that you can use to regulate anxiety. This compound is highly effective for those with heart palpitations and insomnia caused due to anxiety. Combined with therapy, cannabidiol can work miracles for an anxious mind.
  1. Adopt grounding exercises: If you’re looking for a ritual that can help you control your intrusive thoughts and take them everywhere you go, grounding exercises are beneficial for you. Walking on a patch of green grass, hiking slowly through fresh forests, sitting by the beach, or letting the water touch your feet, are all good grounding activities. If you’re a nature and animal lover, gardening and grooming your pet can be a great grounding exercise too. Working with soil and furry friends is said to have healing properties that can relieve your mind and body of the stress being held in it.
  1. Take up healthy hobbies: One way to switch your cycle of downwards spiraling thoughts is by replacing that time with healthier things. Take up hobbies that you love such as painting, dancing, running, and so on. If slowed-down activities like solving puzzle sets and knitting trigger impatience in you, switch to other hobbies that do not bring up anxiety. These hobbies are not just to take your mind off things, but also to bring a sense of control into your life.
  1. Learn to communicate your boundaries: One of the reasons why people experience relationship anxiety is because of weak personal boundaries. Establishing healthy boundaries between yourself and the external parties like work, bosses, colleagues, family, and friends is the highest act of self-love. Make sure you understand what your non-negotiables are and learn to convey them.

Wrapping Up:

Anxiety is not just a diagnosis but a call for your body and mind to feel stable and safe. Instead of treating it as something to get over, learn to work with your anxiety, and you’ll see better results.  

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.