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How To Cook With Cannabis? All You Need To Know About Homemade Edibles

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Edibles are getting more and more popular, as they are a more special way to increase your daily cannabis intake. They taste good, there is no smoke involved, and you don’t have to worry about smelling of marijuana all day long. You can, of course, buy them in a Nevada dispensary, or your local one, but edibles tend to be on the more expensive side of the cannabis product range. Fortunately, you can also put on your chef’s hat and make homemade edibles by yourself. They will add a lot of satisfaction to your experience because of the effort that you put into it. So, without further ado, let’s talk about how to cook with cannabis. 

Canna Cooking Oil Production 

You can make an oil or butter with cannabis, and if you want to cook like a pro, you should most definitely try it. Because most people will start their cooking process by adding an oil base, both cannabis oil and butter can add more value and taste to your creation. In fact, you can even make flour for baked goods out of marijuana, but we believe oil is far more effective. Canna oil and butter are prepared in a similar way, but in this article, we will focus on oils. Are you ready to dive into the world of cannabis cooking? Let’s go. 

Task 1: Choosing The Strain

Every strain is different and has some unique qualities. You might want a sedating indica, high-CBD strain, or a peppy sativa. They all work great. All you have to do is make sure that the strain that you will be using has a rich terpene profile so that you include most health benefits in your oil and, as a result, in your edibles. When you eat an edible, the THC will kick in later, so it is easy to overdo it. Using strains that have a lower THC level might also be an excellent idea, around 10 to 15% of what you would normally smoke. 

How much cannabis should you use? It depends solely on the recipe that you will be using and whether you want to have some leftovers after your cooking process. Generally speaking, an ounce of weed should do the job, so make sure to dry down cannabis before mixing it with the oil. 

Task 2: Deciding On The Oil Base

If you’ve ever tried mixing cannabis with anything, then you know it is not that easy. Marijuana is not water-soluble, but it is oil-soluble, so it is best to choose a higher fat oil for your edibles production. An excellent choice is coconut or canola oil, but you can also go for more conventional olive oil if you’d like. All these three will work well while cooking, so make sure to choose one that suits your dish and tastes the best. 

Task 3: Grinding and Mixing 

Now that you have decided on a strain and oil, it is time for action. You have to grind your weed, however, please note that it doesn’t have to be only a flower, you can also use other components of the plant. This is because no matter what you want to cook with your oil, you will have to strain it first, so the looks don’t matter that much at this point. To grind your cannabis, you can use specially designed grinders that you can get at your local dispensary. You can also use a coffee grinder or even a food processor. 

When it comes to mixing your marijuana with the oil, the preferred way to do it is to mix the two together in a cooking device. A slow cooker seems to work wonders in that regard, but a saucepan can be your tool of choice as well. The ratio of oil to weed will depend on the recipe that you’ll be following, and if you don’t have one, 3 parts oil to 1 part cannabis should work really well. 

Task 4: Dissolving and Straining

When you have your oil and cannabis properly mixed, the next step is to dissolve it and strain it. You should heat up your slow cooker or pan and, at low heat, dissolve your weed in the oil. It is a long process, but don’t be tempted to raise the temperature, as it may scorch your pot. Once your oil is infused with marijuana, strain your oil mixture and through a coffee filter or a cheesecloth. 

Task 5: Using and storing your oil

There you have it, the homemade canna-oil that you were looking for. Now that you have done all this work comes in the fun part, using the oil in your cooking. You can do a lot of different things with it, from salad dressings to cakes and cookies. You can use the oil immediately, or you can put it in a jar in a dark, cold place, and it will be good to use for up to 90 days! 

Have fun in the kitchen and surprise your guests – and yourself – with some cannabis treats. 

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.