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Marijuana – The Uses, Benefits, And The Future

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Marijuana Uses and Benefits - Storz and Bickel

Long long time ago, marijuana was one of the most controversial plants in the world, illegal in almost all parts of the world. But, with advancements in technology and science, we have come to know that marijuana not only gets people high but also has various health benefits for both patients and healthy people.

With more research on the plant and its benefits, countries have started legalizing it and marijuana is now one of the hot topics around the world. With vaping brands like Storz & Bickel Brand, these new products are just amazing.

But, what is so special about it that everyone is talking about it?

Here is everything you need to know about marijuana.


Gone are the days when marijuana was only used by gangs or rappers to smoke. It is now available in different forms. CBD oil products, and is also being used extensively in vaping. Vaping is a new thing that is taking the place of cigarettes and also helping people to quit smoking.

People are using CBD or THC oil for cooking, like medicine, for skincare products, vaping, and many others. These products are directly made from the cannabis plants thus countries have legalized the cultivation of cannabis on an industrial scale.


Marijuana is composed of 200+ compounds and most of them have high medicinal value. These compounds help people with cancer, lung issues, depression, stress, and anxiety.

People now use vaping to relax their minds and also to fight depression. Most of these products are harmless and are the best substitutes for cigarettes that we know have a lot of health risks.

People are now advised to use vaping to quit smoking and use marijuana instead of tobacco.

Cannabis is full of beneficial compounds and we are now entering the new world of vaping.


We have entered the world of cannabis. It is just the tip of the iceberg. Researchers are working day to night to explore this god plant. It has huge potential in the industrial as well as the medical sectors.

These compounds are used to flavor many different food items, pet items, vaping, skincare products, and lotions. Soon a time will come when every country will legalize cannabis and we will see research articles being published every day on its benefits. People will win Nobel prizes for their research on cannabis.

Within the following five years, legalized marijuana sales are expected to reach somewhere around $40 billion. In the same span, the market’s true economic effect might be $120 billion. Marijuana businesses are sprouting up like mushrooms in hydroponic soil, bathed with UV light. 

Final Thoughts

People have been using marijuana, or cannabis, to heal their diseases for at least 3,000 years, according to studies. However, serious study and scientific techniques to investigate the power of this deity plant are now being shown.

It aids in the treatment of anxiety, depression, pain, stress, high blood pressure, and diabetes, and it is also used to soothe dogs. Marijuana is genuine magic, and we continue to be amazed.

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