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Marijuana Vape Juice: The E-Liquid That Makes You High

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Vaping marijuana offers an even better experience than smoking it. According to many marijuana vapers, the experience is undeniably great especially when you choose the best strains on the market. Marijuana vape juice manufacturers are now focused on blending the best strains to come up with high THC levels so that vapers can get the best experience possible.

If you are wondering whether marijuana vape juice can make you high, the answer is yes. It does make you high. In fact, it is one of the best ways to deliver THC into your body. It is possible to ditch the traditional dry flower and joints for marijuana vape juice. Here is more information that you need to know.

What Is Marijuana Vape Juice?

Marijuana vape juice is also known as THC vape juice among many other names. Essentially, it is a concentrated juice extracted from the cannabis plant buds. It can be a form of tincture, which can then be diluted to create a vape juice. It has a high level of THC, which can go up to 70%.

It is used in a vape pen at low temperatures for the best experience. Marijuana vape juice might vary depending on the extraction process used. Therefore, you should check with the manufacturer to learn the process that was used.

How to Buy Marijuana Vape Juice

In states where marijuana is legal, buying marijuana vape juice is not a hassle. You can find it in different stores now that vaping is becoming popular. But if you want a more convenient way of buying marijuana vape juice, online web shops are the best.

Most sellers have a website or a social media account where they display their marijuana vape juice products, give a full description, and list the amount. Buyers make orders from the convenience of their homes, pay using cashless methods, and have it delivered to their doorsteps.

The good thing about buying online is that you can compare different sellers, different products, and prices. This enables you to get value for your money at all times.

How to Make Marijuana Vape Juice at Home

If you are a daring DIYer, you can make your own marijuana vape juice at home. This requires enough knowledge to make sure that you regulate the THC content well. The simplest way to make it is through using alcohol to extract the THC liquid. Make certain that your buds do not have seeds, stems, or other unnecessary parts.

All you need is to let the dry marijuana sit in the food-grade alcohol for days or a few weeks depending on the potency you want to achieve. Later, let the excess alcohol evaporate so that you are left with the THC concentrate that you can vape. Also, filter the residuals to avoid damaging your marijuana vape pen.


Marijuana vape juice makes users high due to the presence of THC. As mentioned, it has a high concentration of THC, and marijuana vapers should know how much is enough to vape. Otherwise, doing it in excess might have a stronger psychoactive effect than intended.

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