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Michigan’s Newest Cannabis Cultivator Aims to Evolve Attitudes Towards Cannabis by Taking a Beauty Brand Approach

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Earlier this month, Six Labs recently announced its launch as Michigan’s newest cannabis cultivator. With an aim to become the largest craft grower in the state, the team behind Six Labs combines ancient knowledge with modern science to grow premium cannabis in Michigan’s highest-tech cultivation lab. Six Labs combines high-quality products with a mission to create a Cannabis 2.0 Culture that empowers consumers to bring cannabis into their lives while creating a brand that inspires evolving attitudes towards cannabis products and its benefits. 

“We are thrilled to be launching our first cultivation lab in the Michigan market to provide retail partners and customers with access to uncompromising, high-quality cannabis products,” said Joe Ori, Founding Partner and Director of Communication. “We’re confident that our premium cannabis will exceed expectations in Michigan, and we are positive that connoisseurs and new customers alike will appreciate the experience our products deliver.”

The 45,000 square foot cultivation lab is a fully licensed, state-of-the-art, pharmaceutical-grade facility with a boutique grow operation designed to produce high-quality cannabis in craft batches. The facility combines technology and pioneering science that is changing the landscape of cannabis horticulture. 

Nutrition, light, temperature, humidity, ventilation, carbon-dioxide density, harvest timing are all factors that can alter a cannabis plant’s chemical expression. Six Labs systems can precisely control these variables with the touch of a screen, effectively making every room a custom-made ecosystem at each stage of plant development.

In every room, there is a veritable orchestra of high-tech gadgets at work to make this level of control possible: smart sensors, custom HVAC systems, custom irrigation, temperature, and humidity controls, and wavelength-adjustable LED lights. Six Labs calculates everything, from the speed and direction of the airflow to the spacing between plants and their pots’ size.

“Our indoor cultivation lab is where science meets nature for the rigorous care of cannabis plants,” said Ori. “Developed by our team of brilliant agricultural engineers, our cultivation lab features revolutionary low energy lighting, a unique air system, and precision practices throughout that produces top-notch cannabis flowers with none of the harmful impurities.” 

The company’s cultivation site will bolster employment opportunities in the area, estimating that it will create 50 new jobs in its first phase and additional jobs as subsequent phases roll out. The team projects that the first harvest will take place in November. The facility will generate raw cannabis products for processing to be sold through both the medical and adult-use programs throughout Michigan. 

“The city of Chesaning has been incredibly supportive and welcoming every step of the way,” said Ori. “The Chesaning leadership team very much wants cannabis to succeed in their municipality, which contributes greatly to Michigan cannabis success overall.”

Currently, Six Labs is also developing a portfolio of cannabis brands to be produced, packaged, and distributed within Michigan. These products will meet all types of cannabis consumers’ unique needs and preferences. Initially launching in the fall of 2020, the goal of Six Labs is to deliver high-quality products that fit consumers’ lifestyles. The company’s consumer branding is about the clarity of purpose and providing cannabis products that are easily relatable to meet individual needs without the hassle of researching various cannabis strains.

Six Labs also looks forward to becoming the cannabis supply chain partner of choice for its leading brands. With quality compliance, traceability, and consistency top of mind, the company is launching a brand that will appeal not only to consumers but to businesses that need a trusted enabler brand partner. 

“We are offering consumers a new vision for the cannabis category. One that is more akin to a high-end beauty brand that focuses on experience rather than a high,” said Ori. “We’re providing the modern cannabis consumers the power of choice based in science.”

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