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MRX announces next generation CO2 Cannabis Extraction System


­Canby, Oregon, March 28, 2018 – MRX Xtractors is proud to introduce the latest in commercial extraction processing—the MRX 100C extractor—leading the technology in the ever-expanding cannabis and hemp industry.

The demand for extracted cannabis and hemp has reached unprecedented levels. Along with the increase in demand, the industry faces strict regulations and high-quality expectations. Previous technology has not been able to keep up with maintaining a quality product.

The MRX 100C is the industry’s solution for the challenges it is facing. The supercritical CO2 extractor’s fully automated system, partnered with breakthrough engineering, produces consistent products, operational efficiency, and reliable data. It offers an all-in-one package that is designed as a continuous feed system for 24/7 operation.

“There is a disconnect between high quality, consistent extractions, and high-volume production. We have designed the MRX 100C to address this while being highly efficient in production labor, time, and energy. We are beyond excited to be introducing this advanced technology; this is an industry game changer,” states Paul Tomaso, creator of MRX 100C.

For more information on MRX, contact 877-423-497 or www.mrxxtractors.com.

About MRX:

MRX is the most respected brand in extraction systems with award-winning customers such as Cura, Chalice Farms, and Coda Signature. MRX systems are manufactured on-site at our facility in Canby, Oregon. With the most extensive background in testing cannabis and hemp from our affiliate company, MRX Labs, the company continues to break new ground in extraction methodology and go beyond the standard.

PR contact: Jeff Pack