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New Poll Finds Most Americans Want Legal Marijuana Left Alone


A new survey commissioned by the cannabis law reform advocacy organization Marijuana Majority and conducted by Survey USA shows that a clear majority of Americans support letting states decide their own marijuana policies, free from federal government interference.

Some 76% of respondents said they want to see states that pass marijuana law reform measures left alone by the feds, while only 14% think the Trump Administration should intervene. These are numbers that are sure to be quite surprising to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

That large majority holds up across all races, age groups and party affiliations, including those aged 65 or older (72% approve) and those who identify as “strong Republicans” (65%). Even those who consider themselves to be “very conservative” support leaving the states alone (56%).

“It’s clear that Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration would face a huge backlash from across the political spectrum if they broke the president’s campaign pledge to respect state marijuana policies and started arresting consumers and providers who are following local law,” said Tom Angell, founder and chairman of Marijuana Majority. “The more the attorney general threatens to ramp up federal enforcement, the more public opinion seems to harden against his outdated ‘Reefer Madness’ mindset.”

While it’s true that few people would accuse those in the Trump Administration of being politically savvy, one has to wonder what would be gained by going against these kinds of numbers. For a President under investigation and an AG who has already reportedly offered to resign, attacking legal marijuana certainly seems like the proverbial bridge too far.

In fact, according to the numbers cited above, a crackdown on the legal cannabis industry would not even garner support among the GOP base, so why bother?

Of course, Jeff Sessions’ abject ignorance of marijuana – how it works, its effects and the practical results of legalization – cannot be discounted. There is nothing more dangerous than an ignorant person who is convinced they are right and has the power to impose their will on others.

In the end, all supporters of marijuana law reform can do is be as loud as possible. Contact your federal representatives, march with others who agree with you, share every story regarding the truth about cannabis that you come across online, and use every opportunity to make your voice heard.

There is no guarantee that we will be successful in stopping a crackdown; but if we do not fight back, then our failure is assured.