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Nothing Good Will Come From THC Limits


The notion of limiting THC in cannabis products is one that is as old as legalization itself. It’s almost as if government officials feel they are losing control over part of people’s lives and want to do what they can to retain as much control as possible.

From attempts in Colorado to more recent efforts in Arizona and Florida (again), lawmakers are hard at work keeping medical patients and adult-use customers from the dangers of the cannabinoid most of them are seeking when they buy cannabis in the first place.

Of course, all of this is done to keep you safe. After all, this ain’t your granddaddy’s marijuana. It’s more potent than it was back in the day, therefore you can’t be trusted with figuring out how much THC you need.

“I have been very concerned about this,” said Florida State Senator Gayle Harrell. “You’re seeing increasing percentages of THC in marijuana. This is not your granddaddy’s marijuana from the ‘60s.” (See? I bet some of you didn’t believe me when I said this ain’t your granddaddy’s marijuana.)

And all of this concern is over the theory that THC is linked to mental illness, a theory that has not been proven in the least. But even if a link had been definitively proven, what makes lawmakers qualified to decide how much medicine a patient is allowed? Isn’t that a decision for patients in consultation with whatever medical professional they choose to consult? And as for adult-use customers, who cares how much THC is in their cannabis? They can buy 180 proof Everclear, but some dank weed is just too much for functioning adults to make decisions about without the help of strangers in their state capital?

Many politicians believe their own hype – that they are some sort of servant of the people while simultaneously controlling as much of the lives of their “bosses” as possible. They will always claim it is for your “safety” or for your own good, but isn’t that what adults say to children?

Cannabis is one of the safest, most medically beneficial substances known to man; the idea that some insurance adjustor who ran for state office and got some votes knows better than you about what you ingest into your own body is laughable at best and dangerous at worst.

THC limits have no use other than to give strangers more control over your life and should be opposed whenever and wherever they are attempted.