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Problems You Can Experience With Your Vaping Device

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Vaping is big business these days. Ever since smoking was banned in public places – and in many other places as well – vaping has become the socially acceptable way of getting that hit you desire. Safe, simple and with many different e-liquids giving you a wide choice of flavours, many people now vape daily.

There is also the fact that CBD has been legalized in the USA, and can be vaped too, and there are many different types of vaping devices available. You probably already have your own and, if you are reading this, may well have experienced a problem with it. Let’s talk about the most common problems with vape devices, and what you can do about them.

What is an Atomizer?

One of the most common problems with any vape device is an atomizer short, which occurs when the atomizer is not connecting as it should. Others are Atomizer Low, and Check Atomizer, which may be displayed as error codes on your device’s digital readout. What is the atomizer?

The atomizer is a central and essential part of your vape pen or whatever type of device you are using. It is a tiny heating element that, when instructed, heats the e-liquid and vaporizes – or atomizes – it into the vapor that you then inhale. It’s powered electronically, which is why it can ‘short’. 

A short – or short-circuit – occurs when a part of an electrical circuit comes in contact with something it should not. In the case of an atomizer short, the coil in the atomizer may be touching the metal casing or the cap of  the vape device. This will cause it to short out, and stop working. 

If you suspect an atomizer short, the thing to do is dismantle the device as you usually do to refill, and put it back together carefully. In many cases, this will do the trick, but there are further problems that can cause an atomizer short, including problems with the battery, and also defective atomizer coils. 

If you have tried screwing it back in again and it still does not work, you may need a replacement coil. These are not expensive and if you buy the vape kits from the legal online vape shop, then that retailer should be able to provide you with the genuine replacement parts you need.

Check and Low Atomizer

Other problems include the error code ‘check atomizer’. Your vape mod is connected to the electrical circuits by a standard 501 pin. The check atomizer error occurs if the electrode pin is not connected. Put simply, you have a poor connection, so things are not working. 

The trick here is to remove the coil – unplug it, in effect – and check the connectors. Give them a quick clean, perhaps with a soft brush, and then carefully put everything back together again. A loose connection or poor connection can easily be rectified this way, so it’s worth trying a few times.

Atomizer low means that the atomizer you are using cannot handle the mod you have attached it to. There are certain specifications of coil that work with certain specifications of mod. If you buy them all as one, you’ll be supplied with the right one. However, if you have built your own package, you might mistakenly pick a coil that is of too low resistance. The only answer here is to purchase a more suitable coil, which is not expensive, and your retailer will be able to advise you.

As with all electronic devices, things do go wrong with vape mods, so make sure you have a reliable online source where you can get affordable replacement parts.

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