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Project Juice Adds the Chill to Organic Goodies with New CBD Products


Joining other trailblazers, Project Juice announces a new Wellness Shot, Chocolate and Boost

SAN FRANCISCO – (APRIL 17, 2018) – Project Juice, the West Coast’s renowned organic cold-pressed juice and clean eating company, is proud to announce its adding CBD products to its stash of organic goodies, with the addition of a CBD Chill Tonic Wellness Shot, CBD Chill Chocolates and the CBD Chill Boost, all debuting April 20.

More and more studies are showing CBD – the non-psychoactive naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the hemp plant – to have strong health benefits, including helping the body maintain homeostasis, relieve pain, help with anxiety and more. Using cold-extracted CBD from organic hemp plants grown in Colorado, Project Juice’s innovation and culinary team joined together to create products that provide a natural alternative to traditional western medicine.

“We’re excited to be able to offer our customers convenient ways to experiment with adding beneficial CBD to their healthy lifestyles” said Marra St.Clair, Project Juice Co-founder. “Our CBD Chill products further our goal of helping people feel awesome through good food – no high needed.”

Project Juice has carefully crafted three ways to enjoy the health benefits of CBD:

  • CBD Chill Tonic Wellness Shots​- This bottled wellness shot has 20 mg of CBD with flavors including orange, apple, coconut water, ginger, lemon, turmeric, and black pepper; priced at $7.00, available online and at all retail locations.
  • CBD Chill Chocolates- A decadent low-dose intro to the benefits of CBD. Each piece of Chill Chocolates has 2mg of CBD; priced at $24.99, available online and at all retail locations.
  • CBD Chill Boost-​ ​Add 15 drops of CBD Oil to a smoothie or bowl for 20mg of CBD; priced at​​ $3.00, available at most retail locations.

Along with showing signs to elevate mood and calm the mind, the non-high-inducing CBD may help alleviate anxiety and stress. Studies have shown it can also help reduce nausea, cardiovascular health, inflammation, as well as help those suffering with chronic pain combat it with CBD as a natural alternative to potent prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Always consult your doctor before changing any medicine or introducing natural homeopathy to your medicinal regimen.

“We hope by continually innovating to provide people with holistic ‘made by plants, not in one’ ways to fuel their body, we can help fuel change in the community,” Marra said. “Real nutrition through real plant-based foods is one of the keys to overall health.”

Project Juice’s selection of CBD Chill Boosts will be available at their locations in San Francisco, Laguna Beach, and San Diego, while the Chill Tonic Wellness Shots and Chill Chocolates will be available online for nationwide delivery as part of any order at www.projectjuice.com.

About Project Juice:

With the mission of helping people feel awesome through the highest quality nutritional products, Project Juice makes eating organic superfoods ultra-convenient, delivering clean nutrition nationwide to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. What began as a personal “project” to energize our bodies with superior foods, has turned into a passion for bringing convenient health hacks to doorsteps across the country, with our ready-to-blend superfood smoothies, superfood bowls, cold-pressed juices, and pantry staples. In addition, our California retail stores serve as a wellness playground for innovation, creating the opportunity for us develop new products based on customer feedback, and allowing us to understand our customers on a personal level. We enjoy a devoted clientele that includes A-list celebrities and elite athletes, but we are most dedicated to helping people who are just like us – multitasking parents and busy professionals – navigate through the world of healthy foods. For more info, visit www.projectjuice.com. For the latest health and wellness news, visit www.ritualwellness.projectjuice.com.


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  1. I believe and know the CBD only content in tinctures particularly are useful in medicine. However the obstacles for a company to perform studies is tremendous. Federal/state laws should be relaxed in all studies regarding the use of CBD and or THC for several conditions. Big pharmaceutical companies are bringing more addictive/abused medications when this benign medication may work. This has been repeated for years. As for the opioid epidemic, I think my point has been made.