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Roger Stone and John Morgan Partner Up to Decriminalize Cannabis

John Morgan-and-Roger-Stone-team-up-to-decriminalize-cannabis

An unlikely pair have teamed up in hopes of swaying President Trump into decriminalizing cannabis across the nation. Roger Stone, a strategist, lobbyist, political consultant and friend of Trump has joined up with Florida attorney John Morgan – who helped to fund and push Amendment 2 to the polls until it passed – to create the U.S. Cannabis Coalition. By creating the organization, the two are able to officially lobby against the government on the issue.

“Medical marijuana is now a consensus issue in the United States,” Stone said. “And recreational marijuana is headed that way.”

John Morgan has been an advocate for medical marijuana and the decriminalization/legalization of cannabis in general for quite some time now. He has been outspoken about the issue for years and has even said that if he were to decide to run for Florida Governor (as many have proposed he should) that decriminalizing cannabis would be on his list of things to do to improve the state.

“Roger Stone speaks to President Trump on a regular basis,” Morgan tells the Times/Herald. “I am urging him to urge the president to remove marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug. The president would gain the respect of many on this issue.”

Stone, on the other hand, while never exactly against cannabis, has not been so outspoken until now. He says it was when Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he wanted to go after states where medical marijuana was legal that he decided that he couldn’t keep quiet – something needed to be done. It turns out that Stone’s mind was changed about medical marijuana when a friend suggested it for his father and grandfather when they were going through chemotherapy and radiation.

“I hope to convince the president of the United States to honor his pledge,” Stone said. “It’s time for the administration to speak with one voice and not break faith with the American voter.”

Together, the two of them will be working towards national decriminalization – hoping to completely remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act where we all know it does not belong in the first place. Stone believes that – with some convincing – the President would be happy to see cannabis decriminalized, which would also greatly increase his approval among voters across the nation. This isn’t an unreasonable prediction, especially when there was recently a lawsuit filed in hopes decriminalizing cannabis under the reasoning that it is irrational – and therefore unconstitutional – to leave cannabis a Schedule I drug.


  1. There’s no doubt in the minds of many individuals that marijuana should NOT be a schedule 1 drug due to the reality surrounding it comparitively to the other illegal substances on that list like cocaine & heroin. In my life experiences marijuana use has been prevalent throughout society on multiple levels. As a high schooler, my friends and I would go out on weekends and inevitably witness a fight between other individuals that were under the influence of cocaine and or the other legal substance alcohol. It worked out well for the “stoners”, because those individuals ended up going to jail or hospitalized for their violent behaviors. We got to watch and laugh at their idiocy, & in addition their female companions were left without a ride home. We all hated being the ones sober, not incarcerated or hospitalized and left with the task of getting the ladies home safely. The “stoners” were also the best athletes and artistically developed. It seems awfully convenient for the politicians and all federal government employees to NOT be required to take a drug test. They’re exempt from the illegalities of the law; therefore, they certainly don’t mind its illegal status. In addition the medicinal benefits of marijuana outweigh the euphoric high from the THC laden plant. The medical advances would be far greater had the herb not been classified as a schedule 1 substance and forbidden to be studied in greater depth analytically by the universities that have contributed far more to the creation of therapeutic values of all “medications” produced by Big Pharma. The FDA is another branch of government that is ridiculous in its purported assignment. In reality they FDA does more harm than good with their lackadaisical / pathetic approach to providing a quality medications for We the People. Why is the trial period for a new Big Pharma medication authorization only 90 days ? That’s not long enough to determine the side effects from a laboratory created substance. Why are they allowed to receive multi million dollar advances / payments from Big Pharma, where is that money spent & how is that money disbursed for the good of “We the People” ? Marijuana was only deemed illegal in the early part of the 20th century by Harry Anslinger in order to keep himself a government job due to Prohibition making him irrelevant. He insisted upon this and used the best argument that he could create to justify its illegality. He was able to sway the general population at the time by using fear tactics. Marijuana at the time was most popular among the Mexican working class and the black entertainers. He stated that Marijuana was being used by these 2 classes of people to take advantage of white females. This terrified the majority of white Americans and allowed for his criminalization of marijuana. This is another incidence of Big Brothers manipulation of the majority for their own personal gain. I realize that this was only one individual, but he was a government employee that yielded a great amount of power. I could elaborate on this topic for an entire evening, but I don’t see the point, because I’m an unimportant citizen that only casts a vote for their Elitist lifestyles. The current politicians hate the 45th POTUS, because he didn’t seek office to become a millionaire like them. He made his billions prior to being a public servant of We the People. In addition an elected official was never intended to be a career choice by the Founding Fathers. 2 terms and then back to their civilian lives was the intention, but like everything in the Big Brother government that was changed for their benefit also.

  2. Removal of cannabis from the Feds controlled substance list AND make “marijuana/marihuana” criminal penalties & prison sentance RETROACTIVE….saving the state & fed taxpayer much $$$.