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San Francisco Gym Focuses on Using Cannabis to Enhance Fitness


People are becoming more accepting of marijuana as a medicine and the potential it has to benefit not only people with debilitating conditions, but anyone looking to enhance their life – that is, if it is used properly and responsibly. There are a large number of people who have sought to turn to marijuana as a way to enhance their workout routine, whether it be running, biking, lifting weights or a blend of it all to help promote healthy weight loss. There are ways that marijuana can be incorporated into your daily exercise routine and allow you to reap the benefits.

Among the people who have been determined to break the lazy stoner stereotype is a man named Jim McAlpine, who created an event called the 420 Games. The 420 Games started off in San Francisco, but have quickly gained popularity and now take place all around the country throughout the year. On top of this amazing venture, McAlpine has recently obtained a lease for a gym that will focus on using marijuana to enhance the workout experience. The gym will be called Power Plant Fitness and if all goes well, it will be open in a matter of months.

Members will be able to come into Power Plant Fitness and know they are surrounded by like-minded individuals. There will be a “cannabis assessment” for newcomers that is intended to help them find the right delivery method to ensure an optimal effect – for example, one person may find that a brownie or cookie is too potent, but taking a few drags from a vaporizer might leave them in the perfect place.

The gym will allow members to consume edibles and vaporize inside – but laws against smoking marijuana indoors mean that, for now, smoking will not be permitted. However, McAlpine hopes to build a smoking deck that will allow those who prefer to smoke to have a place to consume on site as well. While it may seem to some like another excuse for a cannabis club, (and they will likely need to obtain a lounge permit from the state to allow consumption at all) McAlpine says otherwise.

“It won’t be a place to get high and just screw around. We are focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side,” Mr. McAlpinetold Tech Insider Wednesday.

Whether you personally feel the “get up and go” after toking or not, there is definitely a large number of people who do. Actually, I know a couple of people who smoke before their daily workouts and they are a couple of the most active people I know. If you’ve never found working out to be of interest before, who knows, maybe going to the gym with a buzz might make the workout more enjoyable. Whatever your reason, it works for a lot of people and Power Plant Fitness is probably the first of what will be many gyms that will allow cannabis consumption.